March 03, 2015
4G Americas

This updated summary explains Rel-12 standards and its major features and enhancements of HSPA+, LTE and machine type

April 15, 2014
4G Americas

Understanding the standards for HSPA+ and LTE-Advanced enhancements

August 27, 2013
4G Americas

This summary provides a brief review of some of the key specifications in 3GPP Release 11

November 26, 2012
4G Americas

The paper provides an in-depth examination of the innovations in 3GPP Release 10, details on Release 11 and planning

October 02, 2012
4G Americas

This white paper discusses the evolution and capabilities of HSPA and LTE relative to other primary competing

July 17, 2012

HSUPA demo achieves peak uplink speeds of 20Mbps

June 05, 2012
4G Americas

wireless broadband applications, mobile netowrk congestion, LTE, HSPA

April 17, 2012

Covering FDD-LTE, HSPA+ network projects

April 10, 2012
4G Americas

This white paper describes the technological features that are being developed for VoHSPA and recent simulations that

November 01, 2011

M1 CTO says all operators have no choice but to move to LTE. "HSPA wasn't designed for data. LTE is up 4x more

October 31, 2011
4G Americas

The 3GPP standards progress for fast mobile broadband using HSPA+

October 26, 2011

4G Americas says standard will stay ahead for 5-10yrs

September 20, 2011
4G Americas

This paper explains the evolution of 3GPP technologies and the ITU roadmap that leads to IMT-Advanced and beyond

September 06, 2011
GSM Association

This white paper provides a neutral and balanced view of MIMO technology and its role in the evolution of mobile

July 08, 2011

ITU should rethink requirement estimates, methodology