Understanding 3GPP Release 12: Standards for HSPA+ and LTE enhancements

4G Americas
03 Mar 2015
White Papers

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standards are a major reason why the technology supports 6.6 billion mobile connections worldwide. 3GPP Release 12 (Rel-12) arrives just as the mobile industry faces an unprecedented challenge: accommodating skyrocketing traffic growth amid a spectrum shortage that will not be alleviated until the next decade or further.

Overall, Rel-12 provides LTE enhancements and new enablers that can be classified in four broad categories:

  • LTE small cell and heterogeneous networks
  • LTE multi-antennas (e.g., MIMO and beam forming)
  • LTE proximity services
  • LTE procedures for supporting diverse traffic types

Rel-12 has also enhanced UMTS/HSPA+, e.g. in the following areas: UMTS Heterogeneous Networks, SIB/Broadcast optimization, EUL enhancements, HNB optimization, DCH enhancements, MTC and WLAN offload.

This document provides a final update of the Rel-12 Executive Summary and section of the white paper, 4G Mobile Broadband Evolution: 3GPP Release 11 & Release 12 and Beyond, published in March 2014, which is available on the 4G Americas’ website, including Rel-12’s major features and how they benefit mobile operators and their customers.

This white paper originally posted on 4G Americas website

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