March 13, 2019

The selection process for the market's third operator was a spectacle to behold

March 11, 2019

Philippine regulator extends the migration of numbers in Greater Metro Manila for six months

February 20, 2019

President Duterte signs a new law requiring operators to provide MNP free of charge

December 18, 2018

Operators will be required to unlock subscribers' devices on request at the end of their lock-in period

November 20, 2018

China Telecom-Dennis Uy consortium was named the provisional winner earlier this month

November 02, 2018

Brings the number of potential participants in the new major player auction up to 10

November 01, 2018

Philippine operator had deployed nearly 12,000 LTE sites as of Q3

October 31, 2018

Philippine operator has paid off its outstanding liabilities to regulator NTC

October 12, 2018

At least six companies have purchased bid documents for the beauty contest style selection process

September 13, 2018

Philippine president will make a decision in 'about 30 minutes' if the selection process is not complete by November

February 01, 2016

There is an apparent lack of informed debate on spectrum management in the country

January 19, 2016

The regulator is in thespotlight over calls to reallocate 700-MHz

November 06, 2015

Philippine telcos petition the NTC to break newcomer SMC's control over the band

February 03, 2012

Philippines court upholds per-pulse billing, Asia leads in internet attack traffic

February 02, 2012

Upholds regulator's instruction to mobile operators