November 17, 2017

Application with the WIPO covers everything needed for a complete 5G network

January 15, 2016

As Nokia completes its first day of combined operations with Alcatel-Lucent

December 03, 2013

IBM says solutions help companies on precision Marketing

November 26, 2013
Computerworld Hong Kong

Plans initiatives aimed at becoming a regional IP trade center

April 18, 2013

Manufacturing giant to pay royalties on Android, Chrome devices

February 22, 2013

Via Licensing targeting more big LTE IP holders

October 09, 2012

DoCoMo, KDDI, SKT, seven others lend IP to the project

April 04, 2012

Opens antitrust probe into FRAND compliance

March 28, 2012

Wang Haibo, ZTE’s director of intellectual property, explains why its IP strategy plays a decisive role in the company’

March 28, 2011

MS buys IPv4 blocks from Nortel; Korea ups production

September 16, 2010
Billing and OSS Asia

CSPs can bill simultaneous end-user events in real time

March 03, 2010

The iPhone maker's complaint against HTC underscores the widening role of the International Trade Commission in cross-

November 13, 2009

AMD drops all lawsuits

October 16, 2009

Aust govt research body reveals winnings from patent case