November 11, 2015
B/OSS Asia

Looks to create next-generation IT powerhouse

October 06, 2011

Bharti, Reliance, others may need to pay higher fees

August 19, 2011

India looks to revoke 80+ licenses, DTAC launches 3G

July 20, 2011

3G userbase soars to 12.2m in a few short months

July 13, 2011

Reportedly in talks over listing Bharti Infratel

June 16, 2011
NextGen TV Asia

RTL enters the Asian television market in a venture to launch thematic TV channels in India

May 06, 2011

Profit warning for Indian telcos; France Tel profit grows

April 21, 2011

Five accused in 2G scandal will now be sent to jail

March 04, 2011

Bharti launches 3G in Delhi; EU raids e-publishers

December 17, 2010

Twitter valuation soars, 670 Mbps HSPA+

December 08, 2010
Mobile Apps Xchange

The portal will include features such as content aggregation, single sign-on, news feeds, and social networking

November 17, 2010

Two-thirds of spectrum went to unqualified applicants, CAG concludes

November 15, 2010

As Reliance Comm earnings fall for fifth successive quarter

October 27, 2010

But concerned the technical solution is insecure: report

September 16, 2010

Indian carriers return to the market for Chinese gear