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Testing and monitoring instruments need to get smarter and be able provide insight faster as
Simplification helps create network quality, and that leads to capacity: key to success next year
Our fourth annual Business Outlook Survey finds APAC telecoms players even more optimistic about
The future is awesome and terrifying. That’s why 2015 is the year to transform your business
However you define it, 5G is going to need lots of new spectrum to deliver the goods  

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Insights about the future of IPX as well as LTE roaming, RCS and VoLTE deployments


ZTE's CTO of wireless technology, Dr Xiang Jiying, describes the road to "True" 5G and how ZTE plans to implement it.

Rajesh Rao of JDSU explains the importance of comprehensive LTE planning in a world of unpredictable data usage


John C. Tanner
At least not in Singapore, where SingTel wants even more video traffic on its LTE network
John C. Tanner
Cellcos can use 5 GHz band for extra LTE capacity without impacting Wi-Fi


John C. Tanner
Just don’t confuse it with reality. The future of IoT is inevitable, but the details are set in the stone. And that’s cool
Paul Lambert/Ovum
VoLTE got off to a slow start in 2014 despite a myriad of benefits for operators, but activity will pick up this year