Why Do You Need To Finish The Sifu Kung Fu Game Several Times To Understand It Better

Alisa Barladyan
24 Dec 2021
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Martial arts simulation games cannot be represented without reproducing a unique atmosphere. Boxing games are unimaginable without a boxing ring and faceless fans. FIFA 22 collected stereotypes about soccer too. There and lights, and smug, and spectacular penalties. What associations do users have with kung fu? They immediately think of their favorite childhood movies with Jackie Chan. Sloclap studio has brought the spirit of Vietnamese action movies to PC and Playstation.


Sifu is a game with a unique combat system

The project will be released on February 8 of the coming year. The developers promise users a spectacular and addictive title. The studio has made an emphasis on the system of progress. To become a martial arts master, you will need to go a long way. The formation of the hero is under the supervision of a sensei. An incompetent student gradually turns into a phenomenal fighter. But there is no limit to perfection. Fighting techniques can be developed endlessly.

Along with this training, the content of the game is not limited. Pierre Tarno, the Sifu producer, talked about the action game's story campaign. In the center of the narrative - a young orphan and a classic vendetta motivation. The hero intends to take revenge on those who killed his family. To do that, he needs to master the martial arts to perfection. Training is not only a way to win but also a way to defend himself. The hero's life is constantly under threat. A mystical element will bring diversity into the plot.

The duration of the gameplay depends on the skill of the player. The better trained the fighting abilities of the user are, the higher the chances of victory. In the narrative, you should expect spectacular cinematic battles. The hero will have to overcome a legion of simultaneously attacking enemies. A real kung fu master assisted the team in developing the acrobatics of the battle.

Also, Torno hinted that one play through of Sifu would not be enough. This is due to the "surprises" hidden in the narrative. To discover all the content hidden by the developers, you will need to play the game several times.


The aging system

The use of a mysterious amulet adds mysticism to the narrative. The hero can resurrect himself after a defeat with its help. The price of returning to the world is a few years of life. This is because of the unique aging system implemented in Sifu.

With each resurrection, the hero gets older. So, he gradually turns from a young man into an older man. Eventually, the unlucky hero risks dying because of old age. It is not possible to overuse the amulet.

Thanks to this, players learn how to maximize Sifu's potential. In combat, everything insight comes in handy. In close combat, self-made weapons are invaluable. If you haven't got one, you can throw a plate from the nearest table at your opponent. The windows and ledges could be used as a ramp to jump. The user must be clever to save the hero's life.

Along with this eliminates the need for difficulty levels. The developers believe that there is already a quest for players who lack challenges. It consists in completing the game without a single die.

Quality visuals support the interesting gameplay. Sifu's artwork is reminiscent of the graphics in the hit Arcane. The combination of minimalism and contrast makes a vivid impression.

Sifu will be released in early February next year. The game is currently available for pre-order at Epicgames. You can buy it for just twelve USD. Soon, users will be able to personally take the path of a kung fu master. Along with that, they will have to find out what surprises are hidden in the gameplay by developers.

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