Accelerating pace of everywhere connectivity

At ConnecTechAsia, one common reference connectivity – be it by land, air or sea, connectivity is a given, like the air we breathe.

Todd McDonell, vice president, market sectors and business development, global government, Inmarsat, a global connectivity solutions provider via satellites, described connectivity as having evolved from nice-to-have option to one where it is a requirement for every aspect of living. “Connectivity is now an integral part of society,” he added.

Connectivity has also evolved from purely for person-to-person communication. “These days we have machines talking to machines or humans talking to machine. These days a lot of things happen in an automated way because the machines are communicating over networks, including ours, to solve problems,” he explained.

How we connect to each other, as well as how we consume content, is dictating the extent to which a particular technology evolves.

McDonell described how Inmarsat, itself, is redefining connectivity on land, at sea and in the air. At ConnecTechAsia, the company is demonstrating the latest L-band and Global Xpress (GX) technology, providing the connectivity essential to smart cities; maritime cyber security; sustainable fishing; and the connected cockpit to name a few.

The communications industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. On the one hand the need to provide seamless, continuous connections across platforms, media and devices means a growing mesh of connected devices and applications. At the same time, consumers are demanding for greater simplicity.

At the ConnecTech Asia Xperience Zone, McDonell will be demonstrating how virtual and augmented reality can be used to bring operational scenarios to life. Inmarsat claims its iMPACT! suite is revolutionizing the way complex operational solutions are presented to end users, allowing them to conceptualize and plan communications requirements way before deployment.



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