AlcaLu confident of Asian 4G deals

Caroline Gabriel/Rethink Wireless
12 Nov 2010
Daily News
There is no spectrum for FD-LTE allocated in India yet, though some buyers of 2.3GHz broadband wireless licenses may opt for the TDD flavor of the technology, as an alternative to the more established Wimax.
“Where's first 4G network going to be deployed in Asia? I think probably it's going to be India... it could also be Japan or Korea, it depends on how trials go,” Singh-Morales said, and added that his company will also bid for 4G contracts in South Korea.
“We have strong commercial relationships with key Korean customers. Korea in many ways is probably one of the most advanced markets in terms of mobile infrastructure,” he commented in the interview.
Also in Asia, Alcatel-Lucent has completed a key phase of its LTE trial with SingTel in Singapore, achieving “excellent network stability and very good performance.”
The next stage will address advanced features such as data throughput enhancements, VoIP, integration and service continuity between 2G/3G/HSPA and LTE, self-optimizing networks and security.