Anritsu launches tester using 64QAM, MIMO

Staff writer
07 Apr 2011

Anritsu has released a software option for its MD8480C W-CDMA/GSM Signaling Tester, which enables testing for the latest W-CDMA/GSM devices supporting simultaneous 64QAM and MIMO.

The MX848001E-17 Simultaneous 64QAM/MIMO option enables the signaling tester to conduct protocol-based testing on new W-CDMA/GSM wireless devices that incorporate this feature.

With this option, the MD8480C now supports all W-CDMA data rates, from 12.2 Kbps voice calls to 42 Mbps data calls, including new category 17, 18, 19, and 20.

Also, the MD8480C supports protocol-based W-CDMA/GSM test requirements, with up to four W-CDMA and two GSM base stations on up to two RF channels.

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