APAC's broad[band] disparity

Dylan Bushell-Embling
14 Sep 2010

APAC racing ahead by sub growth

While connection speed growth appears to be fluctuating in APAC, the region is unambiguously leading the pack when it comes to broadband subscriber growth.

Asia-Pacific saw gains of around three million new fixed broadband users last quarter alone, according to ABI Research.

Point Topic estimates that more than 53% of global broadband subscribers added in Q1 hail from Asia. The region now houses 32.4% of all broadband users.

China may be lagging behind in terms of connection speeds, but it is leading by both the number of subscribers and customer growth.

China alone is home to around 59% of total APAC broadband subscribers, and accounted for 45% of global lines added in Q1, according to the researchers' figures.


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