ASX opens PoP in Equinix's Hong Kong DC

Networks Asia staff
18 Mar 2016
Daily News

The Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX) new PoP in Equinix’s International Business Exchange data center in Hong Kong is now operational.

ASX is leveraging Platform Equinix in key international markets including Chicago and now Hong Kong, to help meet the needs of its growing business across the Asian region.

ASX, an authorized provider of Automated Trading Services in Hong Kong, has established a direct connection hub in Equinix’s Hong Kong data center. It has also opened a local sales office in Hong Kong.

By establishing a presence in Hong Kong, ASX customers and partners will be able to connect with each other securely and efficiently, helping accelerate business performance and create new opportunities.

ASX customers in Hong Kong can now directly access the Australian financial markets community in ASX’s Australian Liquidity Centre, as well as its equity and futures market data, via its resilient and fully managed network solution, ASX Net Global.ASX offers users the flexibility to choose between dedicated bandwidth solutions that can connect to individual or partner infrastructure at the Australian Liquidity Centre.

ASX Net Global is designed to provide a simple, cost effective and low-latency connectivity solution. Customers may use it to receive ASX market data and, for participants, to access the ASX and ASX24 markets, which include some of the most liquid interest rate futures markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The expansion highlights the growing strength of Equinix’s financial ecosystem, made up of over 875 businesses, that interconnects exchanges, sell-side and buy-side firms, and market data and service providers to the opportunities offered by global financial markets.

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