Cloudera, CenturyLink offer Big Data as a Service

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Telco Analytics Asia

Cloudera has expanded its partnership with CenturyLink to deliver big data as a service to enable customers gain value from all their data.

As part of being a preferred partner, CenturyLink’s Global IT Services is delivering a fully managed big data solution powered by Cloudera Enterprise.

This combined big data offering will exponentially speed time to deploy Cloudera Enterprise and also simplify some of the management complexities from Hadoop operations, so that customers can spend more time working with data and generating new insights that drive business growth.

“In addition to offering a platform for big data management and analytics in the cloud, we are also focused on delivering value-added use cases that run on this platform and help our customers become more agile and responsive,” said Gary Gauba, president of CenturyLink Cognilytics.

By leveraging Cloudera Enterprise, CenturyLink will gain a more complete view of its customers across all its systems, products, and diverse interaction channels. This entails integrating all existing data sources and ingesting real-time data.

CenturyLink will use the Cloudera platform to perform advanced analytics in the areas of SDN as well as network virtualization to proactively monitor and further optimize its global communications network.

Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera, said CenturyLink’s big data-as-a-service offerings will make concepts like advanced analytics, machine learning, and real-time data more available and accessible to more people.

CenturyLink’s big data-as-a-service solutions are under development and expected to be generally available later this year. Cloudera managed services by CenturyLink are now generally available.


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