CNN Indonesia goes live with Ideal Systems

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Ideal Systems has fully delivered CNN Indonesia’s turnkey 24-hour newsroom solution ahead of the official launch on Indonesian National Day, broadcasting in full 1080i HD through Transvision.

The channel launch was a collaboration between CNN International and CT Corp Indonesia, a diverse business corporation with core operations in media and entertainment.

Ideal was the prime systems integrator tasked with designing and building the new facility located at the Trans Corp headquarters in Jakarta.

CNN Indonesia is an Indonesian-language news channel with 80% of content generated locally and 20% coming from CNN International. It was essential the system supported multiple business entities in differing physical locations, all the while providing full access to the Newsroom Computer System for Transmedia users.

A unified system was necessary for the channel to tap into CNN International’s pool of journalist material and to share content from global affiliate partnerships. This posed a particular challenge on many levels for the onsite wiring team during the installation phase in parallel with the tight deadline imposed by CNN for the critical launch date of the channel.

“The support provided by Ideal was critical in minimizing disruptions and technical issues in order to fulfill our deadline for launch,” said Eka Abraham, head of IT at CNN Indonesia.

A key component of the solution was implementing AVID’s News Production System complete with NRCS, studio playback, non-linear editing, transcoding, content archive management, and network-attached storage.


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