DoCoMo debuts high-speed fiber service Hikari

Dylan Bushell-Embling
29 Apr 2015
Daily News

Japan's NTT DoCoMo has announced a raft of initiatives aimed at stimulating medium-term growth, including launching a new ultra-high-speed fiber broadband service.

The operator has introduced its new DoCoMo Hikari service, a new residential and commercial fiber broadband offering boasting speeds of up to 1Gbps.

DoCoMo plans to offer Hikari bundled with mobile service discounts, or customers will be able to subscribe only to the fiber service. Prices range from 3,800 yen ($32) to 5,400 yen per month.

The operator has also unveiled a new flat-rate mobile billing plan as part of efforts to encourage migration to larger data plans.

DoCoMo has also unveiled an initiative to co-create more services with its partner companies, branding them with names starting with the letter d.

Through the initiatives DoCoMo aims to shift its focus from short-term cost competition to more long-term co-creation.

“The ultimate goals are to develop all-new services and businesses that further enrich customers' lives, provide solutions for the pressing needs of society and stimulate Japan's industry,” DoCoMo said in a statement announcing its plans.

DoCoMo will seek to leverage technologies including IoT and cloud computing to fulfil these goals, developing solutions for a diverse range of fields including education, healthcare, automotive and energy.

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