DTAC launches cut-rate price plans

Don Sambandaraksa
16 Mar 2012


Faced with a saturated market with over 100% penetration, Thailand’s number two telco DTAC has launched new pre-paid price plans aimed at the extreme budget end of the market, with packages starting from just 5 baht (16 cents).


Applying for a 5 baht voice package allows for calls at 1 baht (3 cents) an hour, off peak. One hour of Internet access costs 7 baht (22 cents). Many more similarly budget conscious price plans were announced.


DTAC SVP for Marketing Amarit Sukhavanij said the price plans were in response to a challenging 2012, and after market research that identified the budget end segment as being underserved.


He noted that there were no lock-ins and the package could be changed daily.



Don Sambandaraksa

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