Google TV lurches out of the gate

Gerry Kaufhold
02 Nov 2010
While Google TV teases us with what a merger of the Internet and TV might become in the future, the major broadcast TV networks appear to be balking and some early adopters are pointing out flaws in the first release of the software.
Sony is shipping its line of HDTVs and Internet TV Blu-ray Players powered by Google TV, and Logitech is shipping its REVUE set-top box.
Very early reviews mention issues with the video quality coming in from various websites. There also has been a problem with passing through high definition video using the HDMI connections.
Another, perhaps bigger, hurdle is being presented by the major TV broadcast networks. ABC, CBS, and NBC have, for the time being, blocked access to their online video portals from the Google TV browser. and CBS’s are also currently blocked. This means that full length TV shows that can be viewed on any computer via the Internet can NOT be viewed using Google TV.
This steals a lot of the thunder from the Google TV launch, but it’s not a deal breaker. FOX is still permitting Google TV access.
In fact, popular basic cable TV networks are not only offering free programming to Google TV users, but many are building portals that follow the Google TV Style Guide, which will eventually make them look better and operate more conveniently for Google TV users.


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