Into the green zone

Fiona Chau
16 Jun 2010

Chinese vendor ZTE is showcasing four concept green phones using reusable materials and turning users’ own movement into electric energy.

The Fantasy phone features a paperless green packing design – using lighter, inflatable materials and biodegradable bags for packaging to reduce the volume and transport cost. Instead of a printed manual, the instructions are printed on inflatable bags and can be downloaded online.

The revolutionary Flashing phone can turn users’ casual movement into electric energy to power the device.

It has an external drive with a built-in micro-generator motor activated by movement that enables users to charge their phones anytime or anywhere.

The use of kinetic energy to produce electricity can greatly reduce the frequency of charging mobile phone batteries and reduce resource consumption as well.

The Magnolia phone is based on the idea of converting the kinetic energy generated from end-users’ every day activities like walking into electrical energy, while the Double is a new solar handset that adopts a special 360-degree axis with a solar light panel to improve the charging efficiency.

Zhang Xiaohong, ZTE’s vice president of handset division, said these phones are still in concept stage.

The vendor, best-known for its network equipment, expects to sell 80 million handsets in 2010, up 33% from last year, driven by the strong demand in Europe, USA and Asia.

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