HBO tops SVOD customer satisfaction

Staff writer
24 Jan 2017
Daily News

HBO Now ranks highest for customer satisfaction in 11 of 14 categories among subscription video on-demand (SVOD) services examined, a new report released by Strategy Analytics shows.

The report measured customer satisfaction in 14 categories across three key areas — the number and availability of TV shows/films, how easy it is to find them, and the overall value of the service.

HBO Now had the highest score for all but three of the categories examined – availability of children’s programming (Hulu scored top), content recommendations and the cost of the subscription (Netflix topped both).

Hulu outscored Netflix in six of the 14 categories, while Amazon Prime was at the bottom in every one.

When compared to the other three services, HBO Now scored particularly highly in the availability of current and past season’s TV shows as well as the number of hit movies and original programs.

Wu Zhaowen, digital media strategies analyst at Strategy Analytics, said that though HBO Now has a much smaller library than other SVOD services, it has more blockbuster movie and hit series such as “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld.”

When subscribers were asked to give a single “overall” score for the services, however, Netflix came out on top, with Hulu very narrowly ahead of HBO.

Michael Goodman, director of digital media strategies said people have been talking about it being a Netflix vs. Amazon battle in terms of which service viewers choose, with the others left to pick up the scraps.

“However, if HBO continues on this vein, we’re more likely to see a situation where people will have one ‘blockbuster’ service like HBO or HBO Now and either a Netflix or Amazon in support,” said Goodman.

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