IIJ expands cloud solution for big data

Staff writer
24 Oct 2012
Product and services

Internet Initiative Japan announced the immediate release of the latest addition to the IIJ GIO Service lineup, the GIO Hadoop Solution, a cloud-based solution for building and operating high-speed data processing systems for big data.

The IIJ GIO Hadoop Solution enables clients to quickly and inexpensively build and operate high-speed data processing systems for parallel distributed processing of big data.

This solution uses the IIJ GIO Service to provide a configured Hadoop cluster-an open source software platform that performs parallel distributed processing of big data-and the tools necessary for administrating the cluster. A cloud service provides two advantages to the client: they do not need to purchase any equipment, and the system is easily scalable to respond to rising and falling traffic levels.

As part of this solution, IIJ monitors, operates, and maintains the system, which reduces the operational overhead in the event of system failures. This solution supports the development of high-speed batch processing and large-scale log analysis, which makes it possible to greatly accelerate operation processes and Web access log analysis.


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