India to reveal $100 laptop today

Dylan Bushell-Embling
03 Feb 2009

The Indian government will today reveal a low-cost laptop which it hopes can be manufactured for cheaper than the XO laptop developed by the One Laptop Per Child.

Initial news coverage stated that officials hoped to be able to manufacture the devices for as cheap as $10, but it was later revealed that these reports were based on a typo in the transcript of a minister's speech.

The government instead hopes to manufacture the laptops for $100 - still around $77 cheaper than the manufacturing cost of the XO.

Not much is known about the laptops, except that they will likely have 2GB of memory and wireless connectivity, the BBC reports.

OLPC initially intended to produce XOs for $100, but the developers were unable to cut costs by that much. We'll find out today if India can do it more cheaply.

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