Indian cellcos seek ban on upcoming sci-fi film

28 Nov 2018
Daily News

Indian mobile operators are protesting a new science fiction film produced by the Tamil film industry, which they claim promotes “anti-scientific” attitudes against mobile phones and cell towers.

Mobile operators and the group representing the industry, the Cellular Association of India have filed complaints with the Central Board of Film Certification and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting against the film 2.o, seeking to have the certification for the movie revoked and the film banned from release until the complaint is addressed.

The complaint argues that the movie is against the public interest, defamatory of COAI's members and violates those members' rights, the Economic Timesreported.

The movie, starring one of the Tamil film industry's most popular actors Rajinakanth – known to his fans as Superstar Rajinakanth – is a “spiritual successor” to the 2010 sci-fi film Enthiran.

The plot of the film appears to be being kept under wraps until its launch tomorrow, but a teaser trailer released in September does show birds furiously circling a mobile tower. But it also portrays thousands of mobile phones flying out of peoples' hands and shop windows before swarming a scared looking man, so it does not appear to be a film that takes scientific accuracy very seriously.

But Indian authorities and the public have a history of taking leery attitudes towards mobile towers based on unfounded fears about health risks from radiation. Just this month, the state of Karnataka banned the presence of telecom towers within 50 meters from educational institutions, hospitals and religious buildings.

Mobile operators appear to be concerned that the film, which has the tagline “The world is not only for humans”, could add to the public's negative attitude about mobile towers.

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