ITU-T initializes standardization

05 Nov 2018
Daily News

ZTE and China Mobile have announced that standardization work for their jointly proposed slicing packet network (SPN) technology has been initialized at the ITU-T SG15 meeting in Geneva.

The SPN technology proposed for 5G transport, named, is compatible with the Ethernet ecosystem and based on slicing the Ethernet core.

The technology promises features including low latency, high bandwidth, ultra-high-precision synchronization, flexible management and control, and low cost.

At the SG15 plenary session in Geneva, Chinese operators, equipment vendors and research institutes submitted dozens of proposals for 5G network transport technology solutions.

Based on the proposals led by China Mobile, the ITU-T approved standard initialization of the SPN forwarding plane technology.

The operator persuaded the industry experts attending the session that SPN has advantages in terms of 5G transport capability, key technical feasibility and industrialization, ZTE and China Mobile said in a statement.

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