Multi-device use on the rise in Asia: Appier

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Multi-device usage is on the rise in Asia, and users in the region interacting with their screens in increasingly complex ways. according to a new report from marketing company Appier.

The report is based on an analysis of Appier-run campaigns and websites embedded with Appier site tag in Japan and across the region, and entails the company analyzing over one trillion campaign data points.

According to the report, multi-device use is accelerating in Asia, and the number of multi-device users using more than four screens have increased by 40% compared to the second half of 2015.The number of users on more than four screens increased at a faster rate than those using three in markets such as Hong Kong (+16%), Japan (+11%), Malaysia (+17%) and Singapore (+15%). Moreover, cross screen campaigns outperform single screen campaigns to the tune of 67% in North Asia, 10% in developed markets and 16% in developing markets.For marketers, the evidence is that Asian users are ‘cross screening’ more than ever, and is an area that is crucial for marketers here. Moreover, the report also noted that the high number of devices in use also lends itself to usage patterns that will only get more complex and interconnected.

Indeed, a wide variation in the final converting device among cross screen conversions paths across Asia was observed, with PCs and smartphones playing the greatest role in both driving awareness and conversions.

“This latest report shows that cross screen is key in Asia, as users move between a growing number of screens in increasingly complex ways. One size does not fit all, and businesses need to consider how different messages and formats can help them connect with their audience across all screens,” said Caroline Hsu, the CMO of Appier.

“Understanding these interconnections will allow marketers in the region to reach their users at various touch points in their journey, leading to more meaningful engagement throughout,” she said.

PCs and tablets still relevant

Smartphones are driving the greatest number of cross screen conversions at place like Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea and Vietnam, though countries such as India and Singapore are seeing conversions on PC that outweigh those on smartphones.

But while smartphones generate a greater number of page views and non-purchase actions taken on websites, PCs dominate in Asia when it comes to actual purchases. And with PC and tablet accounting for nearly a quarter and a fifth of conversions, respectively, there is no question that they are still relevant.

Moreover, an examination of usage patterns also highlights the continuing significance of PCs and tablets in the region. Despite representing only about a third to a fifth of reachable devices, PCs generate 70% more volume of web usage than smartphones.



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