Nagasaki Uni Hospital adopts mobility tech

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Healthcare Innovation

Japan’s Nagasaki University Hospital has adopted an enterprise mobility technology to boost its track record for efficiency and accuracy.

The teaching hospital serves the 1.3 million residents of Nagasaki prefecture, and treats more than 360,000 outpatients and 260,000 inpatients annually.

The application of Zebra Technologies’ TC55 touch computer came at the initiative of the hospital to introduce a new field-use terminal while upgrading its electronic medical record system in 2015.

The goal is to meet the needs of future healthcare by improving both the medical information solution and the device.

The TC55 is a crucial tool to ensure the adherence to Nagasaki University Hospital’s Three-Point Authentication System, which consists of checking the Target – the wristband on the patient; the Administrator – ID card of a doctor or nurse; and the Object – barcode on the drugs, before administering any medication.

It also works as a mobile nursing information device in seamless conjunction with the hospital’s electronic record system “MegaOakHR”, provided by NEC Corporation.

Supported by stable Wi-Fi and Near-Field Communications (NFC), TC55 enables real-time confirmation of data, vastly improving efficiency and accuracy by performing entries and recording simultaneously.

“Mobile nursing information devices give us significantly more control over safety. Our nurses can check on drug prescriptions by the bedside, just before administering injections or blood transfusions, as well as electronically record the details of the procedure with just one click,” said Mizuho Okada, head nurse, Department of Nursing, Department of Medical Informatics, Nagasaki University Hospital.

“Nurses no longer need to transfer records from their memories to the patients’ files after they return to their stations. The TC55 reduces the time required for the recording process while increasing accuracy.”


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