New test measurement tool for Symbian phones

29 Oct 2008

The ARM Profiler, announced by ARM and Symbian Limited, enables developers of mobile phone applications running on Symbian OS to add enhanced features and reduce power consumption.

The tool aims to enable developers to quickly and accurately target their optimizations with immediate feedback on actual application performance and with the rapid identification of bottlenecks across a broad range of performance measurements.

The goal is to bring applications to market faster and with lower risk, according to the two companies.

The ARM Profiler provides an analysis environment that enables developers to maximize the performance and power efficiency of their applications, according to ARM

'Consumers expect mobile phone applications to deliver advanced features, with the best possible performance and minimal power consumption,' said Mike Whittingham, Symbian's vice president for ecosystem development.

'Developers of complex mobile applications have come to expect the level of power management and performance optimization found within Symbian OS," he said.

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