Operator services: Mobile CRM, mPayments and next-gen services

Sybase 365
23 Jun 2010
White Papers

The Sybase 365 Global Mobile Usage Report looks at user trends in approaching and utilizing mobile services across sixteen global territories. The research finds a changed market from that surveyed in 2007, with consumers showing a greatly increased appetite for mobile services.

2010 looks set to be the year that mobile commerce capabilities come of age; mobile phones evolving from being simple communication devices to increasingly being life management tools, entertainment systems and virtual wallets.

Predictions for increased mobile advertising spend, the fusion of social and mobile devices and explosion of associated “apps” have all served to fuel consumer appetite for more and better mobile services.

Users are increasingly aware of “Next Generation” services such as VoIP and improved QoS. The challenge for operators in 2010 will be to adapt their mobile offerings to this increased demand, and find ways to target their services at specific segments of their customer base.

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