Ovi pitches instant personalized apps

Robert Clark
04 May 2010

Nokia’s Ovi is testing an “app wizard” that enables virtually anyone to be able to develop a mobile app in five minutes.

To use the Ovi App Wizard, now in beta, users just need to have their own feed. This covers Twitter and Facebook or also their blog or website feed if they have one.

Users just need to paste in their Twitter, Facebook or website URL and register, and the Ovi will create their mobile app within 24 hours and post it to the Ovi store.

Users can sell the app or turn on the advertising option if they wish to monetize the app.

GigaOm’s Kevin Tofel said quick-and-easy mobile apps development was a “step in the right direction for Nokia, but it’s not likely to reinvent the app store space.”

He expects the creation of a large number of personalized apps that would just clutter the market, but they would also boost the app count for Nokia’s Ovi store.

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