Personalization emerging as key trend in Asia

Staff writer
01 Apr 2011
Daily News

Today's audiences not only expect flexibility in when to watch their favorite TV show, movie or latest sports news, but also access to that content on the platform of their choice whether at home or on-the-go.


These are the trends discussed during The Walt Disney 4th Digital Media Conference held this year in Singapore.


Over 200 leading experts from media and technology companies from Asia Pacific and the US came together to discuss the continuing evolution of TV and how it affects the way we look at our businesses and our consumers.

Asia Pacific is home to over 135 million smartphones, 350 million 3G subscribers, 968 million TV sets, 6.5 million tablets, 800 million internet users and 143 million Facebook users.  A wide scale industry study conducted last year shows that using multiple devices to watch video content is on the rise in Asia Pacific. While the majority of people still watch video content on TV (77%), 63% are watching on a desktop/laptop computer, 38% are watching content on mobile phones and 19% on other hand held devices.

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