SoftBank teams with Gigamon to ramp up network efficiency

Staff writer
27 Apr 2016
Daily News

SoftBank is implementing Gigamon’s visibility frabric and has streamlined LTE Mobile Core (EPC) traffic monitoring which has resulted in both capital and operational cost savings.

“Gigamon has helped SoftBank optimize the number of GTP correlation licenses required for our network by orders of magnitude, freeing up budget for other projects,” said Hideki Kurokawa, deputy manager at SoftBank.

“The company’s solutions do an excellent job of load balancing the traffic on our network and help to ensure the data is properly correlated and formatted to maximize the processing capability of the customer experience management (CEM) tools attached to our Gigamon visibility fabric,” said Kurokawa.

Through Gigamon’s solutions, SoftBank said it is able to gain insight into the way its subscribers consume content and adjust its offerings to needs and requirements of these high value subscribers.

SoftBank is also working with Gigamon to increase its network performance through pervasive network visibility. The company is using a number of Gigamon solutions and technologies including GigaVUE-HC2 and GigaSMART GTP correlation functions.

The GigaVUE-HC2 modular platform integrates high-density ports, TAPs, and intelligent packet capabilities into a single node intended to reduce overall capital and operating expenditures.

With optional GigaSMART GTP Correlation application, mobile operators can install a monitoring policy with the visibility fabric that will intelligently deliver subscriber-aware traffic to the specific tools such as DPI, analysis behavior of mobile subscribers converting information into new services maximize the ARPU.

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