Synchronica upgrades Mobile Gateway

Synchronica upgrades Mobile Gateway

Melissa Chua  |   February 18, 2011
Synchronica has unveiled Mobile Gateway 6, which aims to reduce bandwidth consumption and allow users to view email attachments even from entry level mobile devices.
Mobile Gateway 6 contains transcoding technology, acquired through Synchronica's purchase of competitor iseemedia, which is used to convert and optimize files for streaming to the mobile browser.
Content would be converted to data formats such as XML, FPX or 3GPP and could eliminate the need for additional document viewers. Synchronica claims this technology could reduce bandwidth consumption by up to 90%.
The product supports document types ranging from Microsoft Office applications to Adobe PDF to various image, audio, and video formats.
Synchronica claims users will be able to select from viewing options that are optimized for mobile consumption.
Melissa Chua

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