Tata Comms teams up with SafeNet

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India-based Tata Communications and managed data security services provider SafeNet inked a global partnership to jointly provide a cloud-based multi-factor authentication managed service.

Touted as the first-of-its-kind in India, the cloud-based delivery model helps businesses to implement an additional security layer that verifies the legitimacy of a transaction and secures access to corporate networks.

This cloud-based multi-factor authentication managed service, hosted in Tata Communications global data centers, are targeted at enterprise users of BYOD, cloud-based services, and network-based application deployment, as well as e-commerce and banking. The services provides both hard and soft token authentication, creating a layered defence system to secure access into corporate computer system and network.

"Identity and access management are anchors for security. However, traditional multi-factor authentication services require on-premise hardware investment, maintenance and the right skills for management, which together act as a deterrent for deployment," and Srinivasan CR, vice president, Global Product Management, Data Centre Services, Tata Communications.

"Our partnership with Tata Communications will allow businesses to feel secure about their cloud and mobility initiatives," said Prakash Panjwani, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, SafeNet. "Customers will benefit from a strong, integrated platform that will help them identify and implement more secure solutions for protecting their most valuable information."

Multi-factor authentication is delivered via tokens that generate a constantly changing key code that is used in addition to the usual static password. The token provides a supplementary layer of security as only authorised users are provided with these tokens. Based on the user preference, the tokens can be installed on computers or mobile devices.


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