Teradata offers near-real time access to ERP data

Staff writer
25 Mar 2015
Daily News

Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions can now infuse near real-time data from SAP ERP applications into enterprise analytic and reporting applications.

The expanded capability helps organizations unlock the business value hidden within their ERP applications.

Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions automatically captures and delivers the most current data from SAP ERP applications and combines it with the non-SAP data stored in an integrated data warehouse (IDW).

This enables a wider group of users to leverage the power of the Teradata in-database processing at in-memory speeds for reporting, ad-hoc analysis, and advanced analytics.

Once all data is integrated within the Teradata IDW, users can also take advantage of over 150 out-of-the-box Teradata Analytics for SAP Solutions dashboards and standardized business reports in key categories that include financial accounting, spending analysis, and manufacturing operations.

Users also have access to more than 1,000 SAS Institute, Fuzzy Logix, and R in-database analytic functions that run at in-memory speed.

In addition, users have self-service access to all of the detailed data in the warehouse to create custom reports and apply analytics with their favorite tools.

For example, Netherlands-based chain store Blokker was able to adopt a centralized, corporate strategy and quickly design a repeatable process to bring together the data across all 15 of their ERP systems along with other business data in a single data warehouse.

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