Three steps to 3G/LTE: Optimize, offload and overhaul

Tejas Networks
27 Oct 2010

Carrier investments in 3G/LTE should match growth in mobile broadband revenues. Tejas backhaul solutions enable a three-phase transition that can optimize microwave infrastructure, develop a cost-effective packet overlay before migrating to “all-packet” transport.

Introduction: The emergence of high-speed mobile broadband services is putting pressure on mobile operators to revamp their current backhaul networks that are optimized for circuit-switched services. New applications such as mobile TV, interactive gaming, and video calling are expected to scale up an average 3G/4G user’s mobile bandwidth consumption by a factor of 5-15X. As the volume of this high-bandwidth user base grows, the total cost of serving this traffic also grows correspondingly. While the fact that mobile data will form an increasing percentage of the total traffic is well understood, the pace at which this shift from voice services will happen is not apparent. Depending on the subscriber sophistication and the 2G handset population in the field, this transition can take anywhere from months to years in different Carrier networks. Tejas therefore recommends a three-stage backhaul migration strategy with an appropriate technology toolkit for each phase.


Backhaul Optimization Suite

TechnologyDescriptionValue to the Carrier
DBPR Ring ProtectionNovel method to carry best-effort data as extra traffic in existing TDM protect channelsUnlock and double available work bandwidth in existing SDH microwave rings
EoPDH Aggregation with DS0 GroomingHigh-capacity statistical aggregation of EoPDH and EoS traffic with DS0 level re-packing of E1s carrying voice trafficMaximize reuse of PDH microwave while avoiding book-ended solutions; no stacking of EoPDH/EoS cards required
ERPS Ring Protection on SDHSub-50ms protection switching in Carrier Ethernet packet rings without reserving bandwidthDouble available ring capacity for carrying high-priority 3G traffic using both sides of SDH rings

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