ZTE launches large capacity access layer products oriented towards Pre5G backhaul bearing

18 Jul 2016

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ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, announced that it will launch new access layer products, the ZXCTN 6180H series, oriented towards Pre5G backhaul bearing. Product highlights include support for a 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) interface and Packet-Optical (PO) channelized interface, which enables them to better support super-large-capacity networks and high-density network coverage.

This new product series, specially designed for mobile bearer networks, is an intelligent unified packet access layer equipment featuring its small size, super-large capacity and low power consumption. In addition to supporting a 40GE interface and a 40G PO channelized interface, the 3U-high ZXCTN 6180H product series also supports evolution to a 100GE interface and supports software defined networking (SDN) evolution to build intelligent networks. The products provide a strong platform for network and application innovation, satisfying the long-term requirements of service development.

“The ZXCTN 6180H series of access products have the smallest size and strongest access capability in their class. They are applicable to the access layer of a transport network and can satisfy the increasingly urgent multi-service access and bearing requirements in the Pre5G/5G era. We feel they will definitely become the first choice for operators building their multi-service access networks,” said Mr. Li Hailong, ZTE bearer network ITN product general manager.

According to the latest Ovum optical network product market report and data (Market Share Report: 1Q16 Global ON, Market Share Spreadsheet & Analysis: 1Q16 ON Global), the rolling four-quarter revenue of ZTE’s CPO-A (packet products) has ranked number one for 18 consecutive quarters. ZTE will continue to provide global operators with innovative products and solutions. To date, ZTE bearer network products have been widely used by more than 600 operators from more than 130 countries worldwide.

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