ZTE MEC platform - building a smart industrial park ecosystem

16 Oct 2017

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As NB-IoT and eMTC are deployed around the globe, various IoT applications are gradually entering our daily life. It starts to get more attention how to manage, maintain, and operate massive devices in a smart and effective manner. With multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), IoT applications is easy to be managed for on-premises services .

The first IoT service highlighted in ZTE’s solution is indoor parking service, which correlates IoT parking technology with QCell indoor positioning. A user can automatically get the information of the right parking space and best navigation by his smart phone, wherever he is in the building, without inputing any parking space or license plate information. In addition, this service can provide seamless navigation between indoor and outdoor. During the MWC Shanghai in 2017, ZTE made a first show of this service in the ZTE smart industrial park, which is located at Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong District, Shanghai. Thousands of customers were attracted with high praises.

In fact, this is only part of ZTE's MEC IoT applications. With intergration of CT and IT, powerful computing and storage capabilities, and diversified capability open servcice, this solution covers indoor IoT applications from machine-to-Internet to machine-to-machine and machine-to-human. And smart assistant service is an outstanding service of them. For instance, when a passenger enters a pre-determined area, the lighting system of this area will be triggered and turn on or increase its brightness. If the passenger leaves this area, it can trigger automatic power saving. In case of intrusions in some key areas, Smart Assistant Service not only can send warning messages to the intruder and to the surveillance system, but control cameras to take photos of the scene. Furthermore, specific advertising messages can be promoted based on indoor positioning by this service. Now this service has been launched and in commercial use in China (such as Beijing Wanda Shopping Mall and Shanghai Taimao Shopping Mall). Besides providing accurate indoor navigation for cellular user, Smart assistant service helps shopkeepers promote advertisements to absorb valuable customers and improve the profit, like introduction of new products, e-coupons.

ZTE's MEC solution not only brings diversified, customized, and abundant applications to localization users, but also offers wonderful video experience to meet different customers’ requirements, like local video, game buffering, live sport videos, Thus the mobile transmission bandwidths can be saved dramatically, and access latency can be shorten effectively as well. By wireless transmission, high-HD video and VR/AR experience can take more wonderful user experience. Now local video buffering service has been used in several universities in China and accelerated video experience. And in Telenet Belgium's Innovation Center, the live video service is coming to be demonstrated and verified, taking a new live video experience.

Moreover, ZTE smart industrial solution can automatically control local energy system of IoT devices, and manage public facilities and asset. Based on virtual architectures and open platforms, ZTE's smart industrial park solution can integrate LTE and IoT networks via MEC at the edge of radio network, and work together with operators, industrial park managers, application developers, and content providers to provide customized services and applications. A new, green and smart industrial park ecosystem will be built easily. ZTE will sincerely work with partners to build a diversified park ecosystem and provide supreme user experience.

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