EPL: Tottenham beats Watford 1-0

Shubham Singh
29 Aug 2021

Tottenham Hotspur continued their impeccable form as they overcame Watford one-nil reaching the top of EPL standings. Son Heung-min nailed a goal in the first goal and Watford struggled with fouls, giving Tottenham an advantage throughout the contest. This is now Watford’s second loss in a row and Tottenham has now won three in a row as they are yet to allow a goal. Interestingly, Tottenham has registered a one-nil scorecard through the first three games.

Watford created some early chances, but Hotspur defense closed in during all close hits. Then at the forty-two-minute mark, Watford committed one of the 14 fouls throughout the game which gave a free kick to Son Heung-min not far from the goal. Son Hueng-min nailed his second goal of the season and from their Hotspur defense took care of the business. Tottenham had possession 58% of the time, while they got eight shot attempts on the goal compared to Watford’s two.

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