5.000 RON

Winbet Sports Tournament of 5.000 RON

Here's another exciting bonus that Winbet has to offer. Let us know about it below.

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  • Chance to win as many as 20 prizes worth a total value of 5.000 RON;
  • Effortless method of obtaining the bonus;
  • It has an upcoming second edition as well;
  • Has an expiration period;

About the Bonus

The Sports Tournament Bonus of Winbet requires you to attain certain points based on the odds of your bet. And accordingly, you win a prize. When you place a minimum bet of 10 RON with a final odd between 1.10 – 1.99, you receive 1 point, and for a final odd of at least 2.00, you receive 3 points.

The place you achieve fetches your prizes. For attaining the first place, you win 2.000 RON; then for the second, you win 1.000 RON; for the third, you win 500 RON, and the last place is 11-20, which fetches you 20 RON.

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How to Get Winbet Bonus

The method for claiming this bonus is pretty simple. All that is needed for you is to bet. You need to ensure that you fulfil the requirement of the odds while you bet, and thus you would collect the points.


How to Use Winbet Bonus

Winbet Bonus

You can use the bonus to boost your bets as you get in your bets. The bonus starts from 2% for three events and extends up to 100% for 20 or more events. Just apply it at the wagering stage of your betting.


Important Bonus Conditions

The following are the conditions that are needed to be fulfilled for claiming the Sports Tournament Bonus.

  • The bettor must meet the requirement for odds;
  • This promotional campaign is not available for any minor, partners of the organisation, any person associated with it or any employee;


This was about the Sports Tournament bonus of Winbet. Here are the essential aspects of this bonus summed up in the table.

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