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How do you reach out to the 1xbet contacts? All the information you can find in this article.

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How does 1xbet customer support work?

Over the years, 1xbet has built itself a gigantic customer base. That is why they have put in place dedicated customer service. The question is how do you reach out to the 1xbet contacts? They have robust telephonic, e-mailing, and live chatting customer support algorithms in place. We’ve found their support to be very reliable.

Here’s mentioning their multiple layers of contact support. If you’re one of their players, you can get them to hear you by one (or more) of the following methods:

  • Telephoning
  • E-mailing
  • Live texting to their customer support
1xBet Mobile App
1xBet Mobile App
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1xBet Sign-Up

How to contact 1xbet sportsbook support?

Here’s talking about each one of their customer supports in detail. Depending upon the severity of your complaint (or a query, perhaps?), you can choose to contact them in one of the three given ways.

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By phone

1xbet supports customer support phone calls on one of these two numbers:

000 800 919-02-66

000 800 919-10-72

When to give them a call?

We recommend reaching out to the 1xbet contact number when you’re in immediate need to place a complaint or have something to ask before making a live bet. You could run into situations like your bid has been placed but you were left out of the game. It could happen due to a multitude of reasons of course, including your connectivity. That’d make it necessary to dial the 1xbet phone number as soon as possible and look for a possible refund.

1xbet-Chelsea FC partnership.
1xbet-Chelsea FC partnership.


By e-mail

They also accept e-mail complaints and feedback. Their official e-mail handles are:

  1. [email protected]: For general inquiries like the betting options, features, offers, and everything else
  2. [email protected]: For reporting a security bug, payment loopholes, and similar stuff
  3. [email protected]: You can reach out to their PR team with this email handle. You could talk about things like advertorials, and collaborations.
  4. [email protected] & [email protected]: These two e-mail addresses deal with online and retail partnerships with their company. If you’re looking to partner with them for business purposes, this is where you need to reach out to.
  5. [email protected]: This is where you talk to them about finances and other money-related stuff.

Apart from these, you can also talk to their live customer support teams in the form of texts. Here’s what you need to do to contact them here.

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By live-chat on the official website

Head over to https://in.1xbet.com/information/contacts/ and check out the “Ask a Question” tab on the bottom right. Add a ‘hi,’ and a support executive would probably revert. The entire process is usually instant, taking no time at all.

  • By phone: To report unfair balance withdrawals, betting discrepancies
  • E-mails: To look for potential business collaboration, detail on available games and options
  • Live Chat: For instant issue redressal, or miscellaneous info update

There’s also a suggestions and queries box where you can leave questions or suggest a feature. You need to add your name and e-mail in the boxes alongside whatever you want to let them know. They claim to answer all suggestions within a day.  


By Social media

1xBet is a modern sportsbook that allows its customers to utilize new-age customer support options. Apart from the Live Chat option, punters can get support via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Those who want a video call with one of the agents can do that using Skype.  

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