Download & Install Bet365 App for iOS Free in 2022

Bet365 stands firmly as one of the most popular and reliable Online bookmakers in the betting industry. Founded in 2000, ever since has been providing gambling and betting services worldwide, with over an 80million customers, as well as a wide range of sports betting events and markets. Bet365 is regarded as a household name in the betting industry due to its longevity and efficiency.The iOS app is free and available on all Apple devices and can be downloaded by visiting the Bet365 website through your Apple mobile device or Tablet. The Bet365 iOS app requires certain conditions to enable the app to function effectively, these conditions will be highlighted shortly.

Download Bet365 IOS App

How To Download & Install Bet365 iOS App

The Bet365 iOS app can be accessed through any Apple device with the minimum system requirements. Here is a guideline on how to successfully download and install the Bet365 iOS app on your Apple device;

  • Visit the Apple store through your device;
  • Search for the Bet365 application;
  • Hit the download Button and install the app;

The Bet365 iOS app will install automatically, you can now launch the app and enjoy the Bet365 iOS betting experience.

Download Bet365 IOS App

Bet365 iOS System Requirements

To full gain access to and install the Bet365 iOS App, a few system requirements must be met, without these requirements the Bet365 iOS app will not run smoothly on your Apple device.


Bet365 iOS App system requirement table

Game App iOS13+
Poker App iOS13+
Bingo App iOS13+

Bet365 Sportsbook Mobile App Countries Availability

The Bet365 online bookmaker is licensed by the Gibraltar Government and operates in different countries worldwide. The countries where the Bet365 sportsbook is available cut across different continents like Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.


Account in Bet365 iOS App

Having an account with Bet365 iOS App is hassle-free with an iPhone or iPad. To ensure a successful Registration, make sure to provide the necessary information in the required fields on the registration page. Let's take a look at the procedures involving account registration, account deposit, and withdrawal.


How To Open Your Account In iOS App

To open an iOS account is as simple as it gets. Ensure to input the correct details on the available fields like username/email and password. Follow these simple steps when signing up for an account via the iOS App:

  • After successfully installing the iOS App on your Apple device, launch the app on your device and tap the "Register" icon;
  • Insert your correct personal details in the Fields provided;
  • Complete the registration via the confirmation link that will be sent to your email;

Finally, your account will be activated and you can now access your account, make a deposit, and stake in your favorite sports events and markets.


How To Fund Your Account In Bet365 iOS App

Funding your account via the Bet365 iOS App is pretty straightforward. Bet365 sportsbook provides its users with a wide range of different payment methods which are effective and fast. Here is how to fund your account in Bet365 iOS App;

  • Navigate through the Bet365 account and locate the "Account" button located at the top right corner;
  • Click the "Bank" option and choose deposit;
  • Select your preferred payment gateway;
  • Fill in the correct required details;
  • Ensure to deposit above the minimum limit on your selected payment gateway;
  • Scroll down and click the "acknowledge and deposit" option;

Depending on the selected payment gateway a transaction fee may be required and your payment will be processed and credited to your account.


How To Withdrawal From Your Account In An iOS App

After winnings are credited to your account. Withdrawal from your account via the iOS App can be made through a wide range of payment options that are fast and simple. Carefully follow these simple steps to withdraw your winnings from your account via your iOS App;

  • Kindly access your Bet365 account via the iOS App;
  • Tap the "Account" icon spotted at the top right corner of the page;
  • Tap withdrawal;
  • Pick your favorite available payment getaways;
  • Fill in your correct details and the amount you wish to withdraw;
  • Ensure to withdraw above the minimum withdrawal limit;
  • After processing your payment, the Transaction time will depend on your payment option;

Note that your money will be withdrawn via the same initial deposit payment option.


iOS App Main Features

Online bookmaker design their betting platform to stand out and also be unique from their counterpart, due to the high level of competition in the betting industry worldwide

The Bet365 sportsbook is not left out of this competitive industry, Hence, the creation of an iOS App that comes with exciting features for its users to make betting more fun and easy. These are the main features of the Bet365 iOS App.


Search Tab

The search feature enables users to navigate through the Bet365 platform with ease and also get the necessary information needed by the user.


Live Betting

The beauty of this feature is that it allows users to stake on live events and choose different market options favorable to the user, thereby, increasing the probability of winning.


Live scores

Sourcing ongoing score lines for your favorite sports can be difficult at times but with this special feature, users can get the current score line and final result of their favorite sports events and markets anytime.


Wide Range of Sports betting events

Having to choose from a variety of different sports betting events like Tennis, Handball, Basketball, Football, etc. Always creates a satisfying feeling for users.


Sports Betting On Bet365 iOS App

Bet365 sportsbook is regarded as one of the oldest and most popular online bookmakers worldwide. Sports betting on their iOS App is convenient and smooth for both veterans and newbies in the betting and gambling industry.


How To Place A Bet On The iOS Application

Placing a bet via the iOS application requires very little experience. The app design makes it easy and simple for users to access their favorite sports events and markets as well as place bets. Simply follow these procedures to place a bet on the iOS application;

  • Access your Bet365 account via the iOS application;
  • Choose your preferred sports events;
  • Predict the outcome of the event by picking any of the available markets like a home win/draw/away to win, etc;
  • Ensure to have enough money in your account;
  • Stake your desired amount on the ticket. Take note your stake must be up to or equal to the minimum staking limit;
  • After placing your bet, your ticket will be created instantly;

In the event of a win, your account will be credited automatically.


iOS App vs. Desktop Comparison

The Bet365 iOS App and Desktop version are very similar, the operation and functions are identical to each other. This enables users to operate both iOS apps and desktops without difficulty. In comparison;

  • The iOS App and Desktop version offers the same wide range of Sport events and markets;
  • Deposit and withdrawal getaways are similar;
  • New users can sign up through the iOS App and Desktop version;
  • Special features like live betting and live scores are available on the iOS App and Desktop version.

Bet365 Mobile Bonuses

Unfortunately, Bet365 online bookmaker doesn't offer Special mobile bonuses to users for downloading or installing the Bet365 iOS App on their Apple devices. Nonetheless, a special bonus known as the "Open Account Offer" is offered to new users for signing up o