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Bet9ja provides book codes. What does it mean and how the codes work, read the article.

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Bet9ja is another bookmaker company that provides the best betting experience; it is the Nigerian number one betting site that gives bonuses odds and has a user-friendly website. Sports lovers across Nigeria use it, and statistics have shown that the bet9ja website is one of the most used websites in Nigeria and was one of the top 500 most visited websites in Africa globally.

 It was founded by Ayo Ojuroye (CEO) and Kunle Soname (Chairman) in 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. It was launched around the same year, and it signed a T-shirt sponsorship with Remo Star FC during the unveiling event. Also, in 2019 Bet9ja signed another deal worth 200 million with the Nigeria National League, which helped their marketing reach more customers. This article is set to explain book codes and how it works.


A table showing other betting codes

12. This code represents that either of the teams wins the game but not a draw. If the team plays a tie at the end of the game, it implies a loss.
1X and GG This means that the home team should either win or draw the match, and both teams should score. The bet is impossible if the teams have a goal each, but the away team wins the game.
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Bet9ja Booking

Bet9ja booking codes are symbols, letters, and numbers representing different betting odds and categories. These codes are inputted to the PC, and the combination of other games appears once it is loaded. Examples of these codes are 1, 12, 2, X, etc. Before you start betting on bet9ja Nigeria, you must understand the meaning of these bet9ja codes so that you will not place the wrong bets.


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Bet9ja Booking Code Meaning

Explaining bettors' codes is needed to ease their stress; it is a means to increase awareness between Bet9ja users. Some of these codes are;


Main Tab

The main tab is the first menu shown by this gambling site. It indicates the code like the home win or away wins options. They are represented with X1 for a home win, and 2 for an away win.


Full time or Half

When you select a code on a full time, the schedule for the entire duration of the match is 90 mins for soccer games. Half-time selection is for 45 minutes, and any bet placed on 45 minutes is limited to the stipulated time.

A picture showing the Bet9ja HF/FT code option
An image of the Bet9ja interface page.



At writing this article, this betting site provides plans as part of its options. The goal selection code for a bet placed varies on the goal count selected. It can be over 0.5 which means a goal must be scored and if we have a situation of over a goal or more, then the bet is still accepted. Also, we have over 1.5 goals which imply goals more than once; it can be 2,3,5 or more.

A photo showing the over 1.5, and under 1.5 and above
An image of the Bet9ja web page interface.


Draw No bet

When you make this selection, it implies that the game should be a win from either the home or away team if you get any result asides from that, it makes a bet a loss; to crown it all a no bet means that the chance does not count and automatically creates a loss.


First goal

The mobile app and the web can be used for this selection. First goal selection means that a team must have a first goal either the home or away team. There must be a goal from a team and if that comes through, it is a win.

A photo of the first goal team to score.
An image of the options for bettors.
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Bet9ja Coupon Check

All these codes shown are little of what bet9ja gets to offer, but you can also place your bets. 

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