Bet9ja Old Mobile VS Bet9ja New Mobile: Which Is Better?

Bet9ja has an old and a new mobile app. In the article, read the comparison of these two applications.

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About Bet9ja

Bet9ja is one of the most popular betting websites operating in Nigeria. It is one of the best sportsbooks operating since 2013 and has been users' favorite. It also offers internet and retail services as well for maximum benefits. This sportsbook is operated by the Nigerian gaming authority and is the primary sponsor of the Nigerian premier league.

It offers numerous complete betting packages, one of the primary reasons behind its popularity. When using bet9ja as your sportsbook, you get provided with several features that include multiple special bets, some of the great odds on football betting, a special live betting session, 25+ sports, and several easy payment methods and withdrawal options.

Home page of the web version of Bet9ja site.
Bet9ja website
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Bet9ja Old vs. New Mobile: Compatibility

The requirements of the world keep changing, and so to keep up with the ever-changing needs and technological advancements, the older version of mobile apps was given a revamp. Also, the visual and design attributes were changed for the app to stay competitive. The newer design of its mobile app has more excellent compatibility with several modern world devices.

Bet9ja Old Mobile App
Bet9ja Old Mobile App
Bet9ja Mobile App
Bet9ja Mobile App


The User Interface

The user interface of Bet9ja's mobile app is given a revamp with intuitive graphics and great functionality. With easy navigation, the new version focuses more on the modern layout and some added features to provide users with additional functionalities.



As stated above, Bet9ja offers excellent functionality to the users to make their betting experience smooth and memorable. This also attracts them, again and again, to bet on their favorite sports, even while watching live games. 


Player's Experience

With the significant focus of its older version on simplicity, the newer version focuses on enhanced experience for the players. With attractive visuals and modern features integrated, players are for sure having an outstanding betting experience. 


Differences between the new and old bet9ja versions

Features New Bet9ja version Old Bet9ja version
Downloadable APK size 19.15 MB 8.27 MB
Loading time Takes time Instant response
Required network speed High speed Less speed
Icons and arrangements Found crowded Categorized
Casino games available 15+ games available Limited
Layout of the Platform Improvised yet complicated Straightforward
Betting options provided Provides details of all the major tournaments According to your preference

Bet9ja Old vs. New Mobile: Technical Details

The mobile app of Bet9ja has received a change in functionality, design, and features to keep up with the changing needs. The new version has a new and much improved, and optimized design. This app's improvement was essential to offer players added features while they place bets. The new version has details of all popular events available.

Furthermore, it also presents all available odds for the most common markets. All of these things are available on the homepage of the new version to make it easy for the players to select and start playing.


Top Bonuses


Access Old Bet9ja Mobile vs. Access New

Accessing the newer version of the Bet9ja website is as easy as downloading the app, and you will get the newer version only from the play store and app store. However, when you have to access the older version of the Bet9ja mobile app, you will have to visit a link from your browser.

Home page of the web version of Bet9ja site.
Bet9ja website

On your web browser, you will have to type Bet9ja Old version and access the older version of Bet9ja's mobile app. Because of the simplicity and added features of the older version, several players are still using the older version to place bets.


Login to the Old Bet9ja Mobile site vs. New Bet9ja site

Logging into the Bet9ja website is the same for both new and old versions. That said, using your username and password, you will have to log in to the website to search for the odds and the best bets and start betting. On the homepage itself, you will get all details listed, and from there, you can choose to place bets on the games of your interest.

Website of new bet9ja showing the live bets available.
new bet9ja website
Bet9ja Sign-Up
Bet9ja Sign-Up

Withdraw From Old Bet9ja Mobile vs. New Bet9ja site

The withdrawal function of a sportsbook website is a key function for the players. When they place bets and earn money on the bets, they will want to withdraw the amount to use it. That said, the money has to be carried out successfully to have your winnings and earnings sent to your bank account.

For this purpose, every sportsbook has a withdrawal facility to make it easy for the players to send the money to their bank account. Also, they should keep in mind that the withdrawal process should be simple. Otherwise, players will not return to their website to place bets.

Hence, Bet9ja also has an easy withdrawal process so that the users don't have to go through the hassle of complex withdrawal steps. Find below a step-by-step guide to withdraw money from your Bet9ja account successfully.

  • With the help of your login credentials, log in to your Bet9ka account from where you want to withdraw money.
  • You will get a drop-down menu on the homepage, and from there, you will have to click on the bank to transfer your money to the bank account.
  • Then click on the option that says, "Withdrawal."
  • You will be redirected to a form to fill in the required details.
  • Double-check that the entered details are all correct, and then you can click on Confirm to start the procedure of transferring the amount to your bank account.

Though the old version of the Bet9ja mobile app has gone through a revamp, the withdrawal process is the same for both versions. After hitting the confirm option, you will get a confirmation message.

Under the cashier option, you will get all details regarding the withdrawal requests you have made and the pending ones.


How to Download Bet9ja Old Mobile App

Downloading the older version of Bet9ja is not possible now because the older version is being replaced with the new one in the stores. Since the app was given a revamp for a better user experience and several new features were integrated to make the most of their bets, the company has planned to pull off the older version and replace it with the new version.