Betika iOS: Detailed Instructions About How To Download & Install App

Betika is available on IOS platforms. Where and how to download the application, read the article.

Download Betika IOS App

About Betika iOS App

The Betika online sportsbooks is one of Kenya’s most sought after sportsbooks. Users can make use of the web version and the mobile app for their betting activities. The Betika online sportsbook is licensed by the B.C.L.B, a parastatal in the Kenya government. Users of this sportsbook can enjoy loads of sports betting opportunities, right from their mobile device via the mobile application.

  • Live betting
  • Loads of sports
  • User friendly
  • No live streaming
  • Limited payment options

How To Download & Install Betika IOS App

Downloading and installing the Betika online sportsbook mobile app on Apple iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones and iPods, is not rocket science, as a matter of fact, it is a very easy procedure, follow the bit by bit guide to successfully download and install the Betika mobile app.

  1. Firstly, you have to access the Apple iTunes, only of your iOS mobile gizmos or phones
  2. Search for the Betika online sportsbook iOS mobile betting app
  3. Tap on the download option menu
  4. After download is completed, you can now start using the Betika iOS mobile app for your betting pleasure.


Betika Sportsbook Mobile App System Requirement For iOS


Betika sportsbook mobile app requirement iOS table

iPhone 11.0 or  later Sports English 26.7MB
iPad 11.0 or  later Sports English 26.7MB
iPod 11.0 or  later Sports English 26.7MB
Mac 11.0 or  later Sports English 26.7MB


Betika Sportsbook Mobile App Countries Availability

This sportsbook has its mobile app available to users in the underlisted countries below.

  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria

Accounts in Betika IOS

Opening an account on the Betika online sportsbook is the first step to a huge online sports betting experience. New users who wish to open an account with this sportsbook, must make sure they have attained legal gambling and betting age, as this sportsbook doesn't condone underage gambling. For the records, opening an account where gambling is prohibited, is not allowed on the Betika online sportsbook.


How To Open Your Account iOS App?

To open your account on the iOS app, follow the bit–by–bit procedure below 

  • Open the Betika online sportsbook
  • Log in with your username and password, by clicking the “Login” option menu
  • Finally hit the “Login” option button to get access to your Betika app.
Betika Sign-Up
Betika Sign-Up


How To Fund Your Account In Betika iOS App?

Topping up of funds into your account on your Betika iOS App is very simple, follow the procedure before to learn more;

  • Login in to your Betika sports betting account
  • Tap on the “Deposit option menu
  • Enter how much you wish to deposit
  • Choose your desired payment provider
  • And complete by tapping on “Deposit”


How to withdraw from your Account in iOS App

Performing a withdrawal transaction on Betika via an iOS app is, very easy, users can follow the bit-by-bit procedures below to withdraw funds from their sports betting account;

  • Login into your Betika sportsbook account
  • Click on the “Profile” option button
  • On the withdrawal column, input the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Choose your desired payment provider
  • And finally, click the “withdraw option button to finish the transaction.

IOS App Main Features

There are unreliably many positives in using the Betika mobile app for iOS, as certain features cannot be left unnoticed. In this section, I will be identifying these features.


Search Feature

There is a search feature on the mobile app for iOS, that helps users and bettors narrow their search for sports betting events, teams, and a whole lot of leagues.


Lots Of Sports Betting Events

The Betika mobile app for iOS can be used to access a wide range of sports betting events like football, handball, golf, volley and lots more.


Live Games

Bettors using their iOS mobile devices to access Betika via an iOS mobile app can place their wagers on live in-play sports betting events.


User-Friendly Interface

This mobile app for iOS has an excellently built interface, where users can navigate with ease, customizing their experience by changing several preferences according to how it best suits them.


Sports Betting On Betika IOS App

Undeniably, the experience gained when using the Betiak iOS mobile app is top-notch, as users are in for an exciting sports betting experience.


How To Place A Bet On The iOS Application

Make sure you have attained legal betting age, and you have also successfully downloaded the iOS Betika mobile app, if you have done that already, follow the steps below.

  • Login in to your Betika sportsbook via your iOS mobile app
  • Users can bet on a single or accumulator bet
  • For single, choose one sports betting event and wager on it
  • For multiple, choose various sports betting events and add in one ticket
  • Open the bet slip
  • Input your bet amount
  • Click “Place Bet” to finish the betting process

IOS App VS. Desktop Comparison

There are not many similarities between the iOS mobile app and the desktop web version. The web version has a wider display and has lots of options, which might make sense. Users are a bit confused in the course of using the Desktop version, whereas the iOS mobile app presents a well-compressed version of what the Desktop version looks like, but is easier to navigate through.


Betika Mobile Bonuses

An image of the Betika sportsbook mobile app bonuses
Betika sportsbook mobile app bonuses image

This Sportsbook has a mobile bonus known as the Betika App Free Bet promotion that is always available on Mondays and Thursdays. Placing cash bets of the promo days, using the Betika Android mobile application, and is exclusive to in-play and pre-match sports betting events. Betikas have to pick odds not less than 4.99 and place wagers not below KES 101 -, To enable them receive a free bet equal to the amount placed upto KES 501.


Common Problem With Betika IOS App

Below are frequently encountered problems of the Betika online sportsbook.

  1. Poor internet connection
  2. App update
  3. Technical Issues
  4. Maintenance
Download Betika IOS App


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Also ask
Has Betika got an Android mobile app?
Betika has a downloadable Android mobile app
Why can’t I play with the Betika iOS App?
If you are having problems playing with the Betika iOS App, it may be as a result of a bad internet connection, technical issues or the iOS mobile app is undergoing app maintenance.
How to bet in Betika on your phone?
To bet on Betika using your phone, firstly you have to download the iOS mobile app to your mobile phone, open the Betika mobile app, select your preferred sports, play a single or multiple bet, open your bet slip, input your stake amount, and place your bets.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Betika App?
There is a 20% tax tied to a user's winning on the Betika online sportsbook.