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Cash out refers to the ability to obtain money back on your bet at any moment during the event you've bet on, not just after it's finished. It is the ability to settle your wager before the event has concluded. Based on how the betting event is occurring, sportsbooks offer you wins on your wager that are lower than your original expected winnings. The amount you receive depends on when you cash out during the event, and as a result, you may receive less than the amount you initially put down. Cash out is very common in in-play wagering, and the types of expected wins depend on the live betting events and the sportsbook you're currently playing under. Cash out offers are relatively new to the betting world, but they have already shown to be quite popular with both bookies and punters.

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What is Cash Out in Betika

The Betika Cash Out option allows a player to accept an early return on the bets placed before they end, which in turn shows its possible to get some funds back prior to the end of the event and your bet is closed.

Depending on how your selection is performing at the time you prefer to Cash Out, you'll either win a fortune or get a portion of your initial bet back.

Betika pages and apps load fast and smoothly with little complications.

Betika desktop home page
image of betika desktop site

You can use Betika Cash Out to do the following things:

  1. Before settling a bet,a player can pay out a portion of it;
  2. If you're worried about the amount of time left in an event or your Multi Bet selections not going your way,you can reduce your risk and pocket some rewards;
  3. If you change your mind before the game, you can cancel your wager and earn a portion of your stake back;
Betika Sign-Up
Betika Sign-Up
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How to Understand Betika Cash Out is Available on Each Market

The amount that a player is to win will appear in the "My Bets" section and it is based on the odds shown at the time that he/she asks for a Cash Out. The sum on offer will never exceed the bet slip's entire potential win.

Your initial bet is considered settled after you cash out, and it will no longer show up in your Open Bets.


What Markets Are Available on Betika Cashouts

Although not all sports and markets are acceptable for cashing out, the vast majority are. Football is really well placed for cashing out because there is quite much happening that matters during the game. American sports are also enjoyable, primarily because they take so long to play that you do not need to be a lightning fast player to get your payout request in.

Betika has 50+ cashout markets available hence among the best in Kenya.

They include:

  • Football;
  • Tennis;
  • Cricket;
  • Golf;
  • Snooker;
  • Basketball;
  • Horse racing;
Betika Mobile App
Betika Mobile App

How to Cash Out a Bet

It's not difficult to cash out a winning wager. You'll know how to cash out a wager if you know how to put one.

Before a wager is over , the "Cash Out" part is available for single and multiple bets placed.

Bookmakers constantly assess how an event is proceeding and adjust the odds accordingly. The cash out offer you receive is influenced by these updated odds.

If a goal is scored in a football game, the opportunity to cash out is suspended until the bookies recalculate the odds and how much a bet would be worth if it were to be cashed out.

To avoid missing out on this perfect feature, you must check the cash out option on a regular basis.

You must follow this general process to see your bets with the "Cash Out" option on offer:

  • Access "my bets" feature;
  • Select the filter "cashout" to view all bets with a cash out option;
  • Tap the cash out button to start the process of cashing out on the selected betslip;
  • Confirm payout and you will receive a confirmation.
How to access Betika Account
How to access Betika Account

How Does Betika Cash Out Work

First of all you must have placed a bet in the event of your choice in Betika to be able to cash out.

The procedure for cashing out is not so different

  1. To view all active events that you've bet on, go to your wagering slip. You'll see that there's a 'cash out' filter available, select it to check which of your bets are cashable. Any bet that can be cashed out will have a yellow button next to it.
  2. After clicking the clearly visible 'cash out' button for the wager you want to cash out, a window pops up with the amount you'll receive only if you decide to cash out.
  3. If you decide to cash out, press the confirmation button. If you've decided otherwise, though, click cancel.
  4. If you do decide to cash out, keep in mind that your winnings will be deposited to your account in seconds.

Cashout Terms and Conditions


Can you cash out free bets

Free bets are generally not available as cash out bets. You may be able to place your free bet on the live market, but if you are willing to cash it out, you probably won't be able to.


How does cashing out work

Cashing out allows you to receive winnings from winning bets before the betting event is complete. However, the payment will be reduced compared to what would be expected if the event ended and the bet was a winner.



In conclusion, in order to cash out in betika the following is important;


Use the information available

In all betting strategies, information is power. You must have all the facts and be able to respond quickly. You also need to understand the risks associated with making a withdrawal and the risks of not making a withdrawal. It also helps you to acquire information. Maybe there is a poorly performing soccer team that usually scores the first goal of the game but has a bad habit of being restrained? Maybe they are playing against a better team. They usually start slowly, but score most goals in the second half. You can help the previous team win and get a great chance to cash out as soon as they lead (or as long as you have the courage).



It's tempting to monetize your bets as soon as you win, but many bets give you higher returns if left to the end of the event. You need to stop guessing yourself and believe that many of your bets will be winners if they don't pay. It also helps you understand how payments are calculated.


Always Positive

Cashing out a bet that turns out to be a winner is really sad. People tend to pay more attention to cash-out bets that would generate more returns if they did not cash out than the cash-out bets that are actually the winners. Ignore "what you would have won" and move on.

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