BetLion Registration: Sigh-Up Guide, Welcome Bonus, Problems

BetLion is a sensational betting website which launched not so long ago in Kenya. It is among the best betting websites in Africa,as well as, one of the most dynamic betting platforms. It is furthermore committed to dispensing a variety of betting options for bettors. This website is extremely popular for the odds it provides, especially on the football markets.

Sign-Up with BetLion

How To Register With BetLion

The registration process on BetLion is indeed very simple and straightforward.

Registration can be done through the BetLion betting website or via SMS.

Here are the means by which you can register on BetLion.


Registration on the website

Setting up an account on BetLion
BetLion account sign up
  • Visit the homepage and click on “Register” on the top right corner of the website’s homepage;
  • Preceding that, you will immediately be redirected to the betting website’s homepage;
  • Fill in all the necessary information correctly by entering your mobile number and choosing a four digit PIN. This PIN is what will be used as your account’s password;
  • Click on “More Options” If a friend refers you to the BetLion betting website and then enter their registered mobile number,ensuring you have included the +254 prefix. This enables the referee to obtain a bonus which is known as the “Refer A Friend” bonus;


Registration by SMS

  • Send the word “JOIN” to the number 40418;
  • After this is completed ,your account has then been created,and an SMS will reflect on your mobile device with your PIN code and confirmation that your registration was successful;
Sign-Up with BetLion

BetLion Registration Terms and Conditions

Like any other betting website, BetLion has terms and conditions which it is governed by. Every user intending to register and create an account on the website must read the terms carefully and ensure maximum comprehension. Some of these terms include:

  • Successful creation of accounts on BetLion can only be permitted to persons over the age of 18;
  • A person is only allowed to open one account in their name. The betting website has the right to close the accounts of any client who has opened multiple accounts in the same name;
  • The Kenyan mobile phone number with the prefix (+254)is what is used as your customer ID. This simply means a bettor can not ask for their cash out or bonus to be given to them on a different number other than the number which was used to place the bet;
  • A bettor can not cancel their bet after it has already been placed;
  • You must agree that the information which was given during the registration process is true and can be verified;

How to Log in BetLion

BetLion has a very distinctive website that is easy to use for both first time bettors and old bettors. The steps are extremely easy to follow provided you have the correct details you need to fill in.

Logging into the BetLion account
BetLion login process

Below is a list of the undemanding steps to follow:

  • To login you must visit the BetLion website either on your phone or desktop;
  • Following that,you must click on the “Login” button located on the top right corner,next to the registration button;
  • When this has been done, a login page will appear on your screen.
  • Enter your mobile number and four-digit pin;
  • Finally, click login and begin to explore the different bets you can place;

Users need to make certain that they input correct login details for successful access to their accounts.

Sign-Up with BetLion

What Account Adjustments Can I Make Upon Registration?

Upon registration on the website you can make a few adjustments.

The first adjustment would be formatting the odds listed on the sportsbook. The options for the odds include fractional and decimal.

You can also choose the type of sport you want to bet on once you have added funds to your account.

Bettors also have the privilege to set a limit on how much they intend to spend on betting. This is made available through the deposit limit option under responsible gambling.


BetLion account adjustments

Account Adjustment Available Features
Odds formatting Decimal and Fractional odds
Preference of sports to bet on Football, Cricket, Basketball, Golf, Motorsports, Volleyball
Betting Limit Deposit limit option

How To Make The First Deposit on BetLion?

Like all forms of sports betting, an amount of money is required in your account. As such, you have to make a deposit into your account. Making your first deposit on BetLion is yet another easy process offered on the website.

Firstly you must ensure you are logged onto the bookmaker’s website.

Following that, navigate to “Deposit” and enter the amount you wish to load onto your account.

Lastly click “confirm”. Once this is done, a code will be sent to your mobile device. When the confirmation is successful, your account will be credited at once.

Sign-Up with BetLion

BetLion Registration Bonus

For a pampering welcome to BetLion, it offers a Registration Bonus. This bonus amounts to KSH 1000. The registration bonus works in an easier way compared to other betting websites that require you to wager your bonus a given number of times before you can redeem it. Upon registration on BetLion, the KSH 1000 will be credited to your account after you make your very first minimum deposit of KSH 100.

To be able to withdraw the bonus, all you are required to do is bet with at least KSH 50 at no minimum odds. The offer can be used through different mediums such as, SMS,mobile applications or the website itself. The bonuses on BetLion have an expiry date. For instance, all bonuses for minimum deposits, that is; KSH 50 expire within 6 days.

How to get the registration bonus
Registration bonus

Common Sign up Problems

Users on BetLion may sometimes experience difficulties when signing up to the website. Here are some of the common problems and how they can be overcome.


The BetLion website is not loading

The BetLion website may not load because of poor network connection on the device that is being used. You must ensure to have a stable internet connection or try restarting your device and reconnecting it to the internet. Another related problem would be that the BetLion account is having downtime. This does not commonly occur, though if it does simply give time to BetLion and it will quickly resolve the problem.


Existing account

If you already have an account on BetLion and you try to sign up with the same username and email, you will not be granted access. Simply rest your password to have access to your already existing account.


BetLion is not supported in your country

Although BetLion is eminent,it is not available in all countries. This is an inevitable cause of problems incurred when trying to sign-up. BetLion can detect your IP address location and give you feedback that it is not available for operations in your country.

The solution is to access other sportsbooks available in your country.

Sign-Up with BetLion


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Also ask
Does BetLion have a registration bonus?
Yes indeed, BetLion offers a registration bonus. This bonus is given to any user with a successfully set up BetLion account. The bonus is credited to the user’s account after making a minimum deposit of up to KSH 50.
Can I register via mobile app?
Registration via mobile app on BetLion is very possible. BetLion has both Android and iOS apps which can be downloaded on mobile devices; All you need to do is download the BetLion mobile app and follow the easy step to step registration process. This usually takes a very short period of time and is extremely convenient.
How long does the verification process take on BetLion?
BetLion should take about 24 hours to review and verify your information.