Betyetu vs Betpawa: Which is the Better Betting Site?

In the article you will find detailed information about the difference between Betyetu and Betpawa sportbooks.

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Betyetu vs. Betpawa: Differences Between The Two

Are you looking for a licensed and trustworthy online betting site in Kenya? Do you know about Betpawa or Betyetu? Betyetu and Betpawa are the two most commonly used and most popular online betting websites operating in Kenya. Both of these websites carry numerous similarities, though they have some differences. That said, your search for a regulated and licensed website ends with these two.

Both the websites operate under the country's Betting Control and Licensing Board. They offer pre-match and live betting options for its users on almost all devices, including desktop, mobile, and laptop. However, as a player, you will have to decide which website you would go ahead with to place online bets.



Betpawa is an online bookie or a sportsbook that encourages people to place bets on their favorite games.

This online betting site offers quality, 24/7 customer support through various options: email, callback, WhatsApp, and telephone.

Home page of the web version of Betpawa site.
Betpawa website



Betyetu is another popular sportsbook offering pre-match and in-play match betting services. It has received its Betting Control and Licensing Board license. It has been a licensed sportsbook offering betting services for years now. Betyetu is registered in Kenya.

Home page of the web version of Betyetu site.
Betyetu website



The two websites have several similarities and dissimilarities amongst the two. If you need to bet on your favorite sports, you need to make a choice, based on which website interests you.

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Welcome Bonus

For every sportsbook to stay competitive in the market space with several options available, sportsbooks offer bonuses of different types to attract players repeatedly. The welcome bonus is one such bonus that online betting sites offer to all new users who register on their betting website.


Betpawa Bonuses

Betpawa offers a nice welcome bonus along with free bets for several actions. Upon registering and placing bets for the first time, you will get free betpawa betting tokens. Though, the players are required to claim the bonuses offered within deadlines. As soon as you betpawa sign-up, you get a signup bonus that amounts to Ksh 350 to make your betting journey smooth.


Top Bonuses


Betyetu Bonus

Betyetu is an online sportsbook that offers a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit made by the user upon betyetu sign up. Though they have a limit to the same, the betyetu bonus offer is only up to Rs. 50,000.



The welcome bonus offers between the two websites are different and so based on your personal preferences, you can choose to get started with any one. 


Betting Games



Betyetu offers players to bet money on several games such as football, racing, greyhound racing, and horses. That said, just like Betpawa, Betyetu offers several gaming options for the users to place bets; it is just that the diversification of games offered by the two is a bit different;



Betpawa offers a host of betting options for the players and some of the best odds on sports events. You can place bets on the sports of several countries through this website. To mention a few sports on which you can place bets: volleyball, basketball, rugby league, football, and cricket. You can also place bets on a few live games like basketball, tennis, etc.



When it comes to the games, both the websites offer more or less the same games, though the features offered differ. This is why different players choose different websites to bet on.


Betting Market



On the contrary, Betyetu also offers betting options on multiple games across countries. Most of the games offered by this website are very popular among the players, and they play them quite often. To mention a few, they are European Roulette, Atlantic City Blackjack and video poker games, and American Roulette; 



When it comes to betting markets, Betpawa offers its betting market across several countries for the convenience of its users. Through this website, you can place bets on live and virtual games. The countries where it offers betting options include France, Germany, Europe, Spain, and England. 



The betting market in which the websites are operating differ, and so people living in different countries or cities have different choices. Based on the website that operates in a location, you can register to obtain the maximum advantages.


Betting Ods



The betting odds provided by Betyetu are competitive as well. They give a tough competition to their counterparts to make sure users get attracted to their website to place bets. They do this so that the players stay focused on what they do. 



Betpawa offers easy access to sports events to its users for them to bet on; The betting odds of this website are competitive overall to make sure that users are attracted more. The betting margins for different games are 5.2%, 7.5%, and 7.6% for soccer, tennis, and ice hockey.



Betting odds is one such factor that entices consumers more, and makes them return to the website. Both the websites are offering quite competitive betting odds to attract more consumers frequently, and also have them returning again and again. 


Deposit Methods



Betyetu: Making deposits on Betyetu is easier than what it is for Betpawa. You can make payments and place bets using the direct bank transfer methods. Using the account name Betyetu making transfers and deposits is super easy; 



To place bets and to fund those funds, you will have to put real money in your betting account on the portfolio. To ensure that the users don't face issues of any kind while putting money in their betting account, Betpawa has a common deposit option. When using Betpawa, you can put money in your account using M-pesa. 




Deposit/Withdrawal options offered by Betpawa and Betyetu

Betyetu Betpawa
Deposit/ Withdrawal Method M-Pesa and Airtel Money M-Pesa
Minimum Betting Amount KSh20 KSh1
Withdrawal Time 15 mins 15 mins

To gain a competitive edge, both the options are offering several deposit methods for the maximum ease of the players. That said, based on your convenience, you can sign up for a website and make the most of the bets placed.


User Experience

When it comes to the user experience of placing online bets and making money through it, both Betpawa and Betyetu give tough competition to each other. Many players have signed up for accounts on Betpawa and Betyetu to obtain the maximum benefits of online sports betting. On both websites, you can bet both on virtual games and live games as well.

With exceptional customer support offered by both websites, they ensure that the consumers don't face any problems while betting. To make their customer experience smooth and seamless, they offer customer support through various options, and the players can use any of them based on their convenience.



For any website, user experience is a factor that should be underestimated. Keeping this in mind, both the websites offer robust user experiences for the players to have fun while playing. 


Mobile Experience

Both Betpawa and Betyetu offer seamless mobile betting for the players to choose to place bets by deciding between two options. Betyetu mobile offers easy betting options on the go through their mobile app available for Android devices. That said, if you want to enjoy sports betting on the move, you can choose to download the betyetu app on any Android device of your choice.


System Requirements for Betyetu app

iOS Android
Possible To Download? Yes Yes
System Requirements iOS 9.0 or higher 4.4 or higher
Where To Download From? App Store Online Link

On the contrary, betpawa mobile doesn't have a mobile app that can be downloaded on any device, whether Android or iOS. That said, they have a browser-based mobile betting interface but not a betyetu app. However, it doesn't mean that you cannot place online bets on the move; instead, you can log onto your Betpawa account through your smartphone's browser and start betting, the same way we do for desktop.