DraftKings vs Fanduel: Which is better?

This article is about Draftking vs Fanduel, these sportsbooks have over time come out to be the best online sportsbook marques out there in America. They both have been at loggerheads for a long while now. The big question amongst bettors is, what's better: FanDuel or DraftKings? Truth be told, these sports betting service providers offer their users loads of promotional bonuses, impressive odds, fast payouts, and an amazing betting and gambling experience. At the end of this article, users must have known between the FanDuel sportsbook or DraftKings sportsbook, which is better.


Common Feature

The FanDuel or DraftKings online sportsbook are two unique online sports betting marques in their rights, below is a vivid comparison between the two.



The Draftkings online sportsbook was founded in 2012, it started operations as a Daily Fantasy Sports Provider and later went on to metamorphose into a major online sports betting marque. As a result of the ruling by the Supreme court which overturned the ban that was imposed on online sports betting. In order to deliver first-class services to its users, a merger was imminent and the Draftkings online sportsbook took a bold step to form a partnership with NASDAQ and SBTech. This sportsbook is undoubtedly one of America’s most sought-after sports betting service providers, as it continues to spread its reach around the United States of America in areas such as New Jersey, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.

DraftKings Sign-Up
DraftKings Sign-Up
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The FanDuel online sportsbook is another most sought-after American online sports betting service provider. This sportsbook was launched in 2018 and has since gone on to provide its users with different betting options such as spreads, money lines, props, teasers, etc. This sportsbook has a presence in Louisiana, Wyoming, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, New Jersey, Colorado, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. One amazing fact about FanDuel is that in 2016 it was rumored that a merger with Draftkings was in the pipeline, but the deal went south and nothing was heard of the merger, a major reason why the FanDuel vs DraftKings is even a versus topic in the first place. In 2018 the Paddy Power Betfair bought the major part of the Fanduel franchise. 

FanDuel Sign-Up
FanDuel Sign-Up

Welcome Offers

In this section of this article, I will be dissecting the welcome offer available on the Draftkings sportsbook or FanDuel sportsbook.


Draftkings Welcome Offer

The Draftkings online sportsbook offers new coming users over $150 in free bets as a welcome bonus. To land this promotional bonus, a user must meet the stake requisite of $5, which in turn makes a player eligible to receive the $150 bonus. This free bet bonus for newly joined users is given out as six $25 free bets. It is worthy to note that this offer expires after 7 days. Another newcomers' bonus given to the Draftkings online sportsbook new users is the $150 in free bets given as a welcome bonus. To land this promotional bonus, a user must meet the stake requisite of $5, which in turn makes a player eligible to receive the $150 bonus. This free bet bonus for newly joined users is given out as six $25 free bets. It is worthy to note that this offer expires after 7 days. A user must have topped funds into their Draftkings online sports betting user account to the tune of $2,500 to receive the $500. Users upon depositing $25 earn them $1 bonus cash which is deposited into the account of the user.


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FanDuel Welcome Offer

The FanDuel online sportsbook offers its users an amazing free bet that is worth over a whopping $1,000 in this risk-free promotional bonus offer that applies to new users only. To get this offer, a user must place their first official bet upon successfully signing up on the FanDuel online sportsbook, and if the placed bet fails, automatically they get the welcome bonus as a risk-free bet. Also, there is another bonus for newly registered users known as the Deposit bonus up to $250 plus $10 worth of credit. Users can register with the promo code SPORTSBOOK and their FanDuel email, go ahead to make a first-time deposit to get over a 50% matched bonus up to $250, and a $10 credit is all given within 72 hours.


Top Bonuses


The Verdict

From the above deets on the welcome offers available on the FanDuel or Draftkings sportsbook, users can observe that to get the FanDuel welcome offer, a user can get the bonus with a minimum stake of $5, whilst, the Draftkings online sportsbook demands that a user loses their bets to get the bonus, and the staking requirement is set at $2500.

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Ongoing Bonuses & Promotions

One major argument in the disparities between the FanDuel sportsbook and the Draftkings sportsbook is the issue of the promotional bonuses that are available to users of both sports betting service providers. The Fanduel has a handful of promotions such as the first bet risk-free bonus up to $1000, a $100 bonus on same game parlays, refer a friend bonus to earn $50, free bets, deposit bonus worth $250.

On the other hand, the Draftkings online sportsbook has a handful of promotional bonuses as well. Users both new and existing can gain from the following bonus and promotional offers available on the Draftkings online sportsbook: deposit bonus up to $1000, NHL SGP insurance, MLB SGP insurance, refer a friend and get $100, NBA play-offs risk-free SGP, RBC cut parlay, new users $150 free bets, and a promotional offer where users can track their deposit bonus.