Old Mobile Merrybet for Android and iPhone 2022: How to get access & Old Version Features

With the trademark "Merrybet," Merrybet Gold Limited was licensed and began operation in 2013. Today, the bookmaker is one of the top online betting companies in Nigeria. Merrybet allows users to place bets on football games primarily, and account holders must not be lower than 18 years of age. Additionally, Merrybet supplies predictions on other sporting events across the world including handball, tennis, rugby, and darts. Betting with Merrybet guarantees you'll receive payouts on time, be provided good odds to bet on, and adequate security.

Download Merrybet Old Mobile App

Merrybet Old Mobile App: In a Nutshell

When you go to Merrybet's mobile platform, you'll be presented with choices of three options/versions. They are:

  • Smartphone and tablet, which provides the graphics and features befitting for your Android smartphone or iOS tablet;
  • Lite Mobile is limited in graphics and other features but supports older phone versions. This is why it is specifically called the old Merrybet mobile app, and;
  • PC version, which is best for your desktop computer or laptop.

The old Merrybet mobile app is the bookmakers lite mobile version. This version contains the basic tools and options to access their betting offers. The version works on most, particularly older mobile phones that have access to internet services. You can link to Merrybet's old mobile app when you visit m.merrybet.com.


Old Mobile Merrybet Features

The home page of the old mobile app displays certain features of notes; these features include a basic design, a simple layout, easily accessible tool options, and a user-friendly interface.


Design and Layout

The app design colours of orange and grey are prominent, showing little graphical nerve employed in its creation. In today's terms, it would come off as bland and uninspiring. However, the concept of the design aids the speed of response of the app and allows it to be easily run on lower resolution mobile devices.

The design layout puts all the options right on the home page. Users don't need to click any special menu to find, or scroll to activate things they want to do. The design and layout are as basic and simple as they come.

Download Merrybet Old Mobile App

Accessibility and Usability

Because of the app design and layout, it is accessible for use on any mobile device that is internet or web-enabled. It is user-friendly, and even a complete novice to the bookmaker's platform can find their way around in a matter of minutes.


Withdrawal and Deposit

Users can make deposits into their betting accounts and make withdrawals using the Merrybet old mobile app. To perform these transactions using the old app, this is what to do.

To make a deposit:

  • If you don't have a Merrybet account, sign-up, and register;
  • If you have a Merrybet account already, log in to the app;
  • From the homepage, click the "Deposit" option, and a list of deposit types will appear;
  • Pick from the list, and click your preferred deposit type;
  • You'll be required to enter the amount of money you wish to deposit plus other related details, depending on the deposit type you have chosen;
  • Enter the needed details and send.

With this, your money will be deposited into your account, and you can begin betting.

To make a withdrawal:

  • Again, login to your Merrybet account;
  • Click the "Payout" option found on the home page of the app;
  • Click the "Bank Payout" option when it appears;
  • Type in the bank name and number that you wish to pay into, plus the amount you want to withdraw;
  • Click the "Next" button and confirm your payout details.

When this is done, merrybet will credit your account.

Download Merrybet Old Mobile App

Pros and Cons

Just like every other betting company and its offers and provisions, the old Merrybet Nigeria mobile app has its pros and cons:

  • Friendly user interface;
  • Easy to use;
  • Low internet data cost.
  • Unappealing graphics;
  • Limited options and tools;
  • Some features are unavailable.

Missing New Features

Merrybet old app
Merrybet old app features

Several features are not available on the old mobile app. Here are some of them:

  • Betting Adverts displays betting offers, great odds featured, bet contests, etc that are available on the Sportsbook;
  • The blog is where news and online updates of Merrybet's platform are communicated;
  • Lucky six is a new feature that's similar to a lotto game. You randomly choose six numbers from the forty-eight provided. After the balls are randomly drawn, and one of your selected numbers is drawn, you could get a return higher than your bet;
  • Virtuals which include Vleague, VEuro Cup, VNations Cup, VBasketball, and VTennis are not available on the Merrybet Nigeria mlite;
  • Other new features are the odds browser, Golden race, 1x2 games, Nsoft, etc.


Merrybet.com Nigeria mlite doesn't have specific apps that work separately on Android and iOS, both are on the mobile site. This is to say you don't have to necessarily do a Merrybet old mobile app download. Just follow the  Merrybet.com mlite link, and you can access it.

Download Merrybet Old Mobile App


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Also ask
Does Merrybet Have Android and iOS Versions?
Merrybet mobile version works on all smartphones, tablets, and internet-accessible devices, whether Android or iOS. There is no dedicated Android or iOS versions.
Is there a minimum and maximum stakes placement?
N50 is the least you can stake, and betting has no defined maximum ceiling.
How do I open a Merrybet mlite account?
To open a Merrybet mlite account, visit the old merrybet mobile website, click "Sign up" and follow, fill in your details, and complete the easy steps there. You can begin betting as soon as you've deposited it in your account after registration.
Can I make a withdrawal without placing bets?
You must make a betting transaction at least twice before a withdrawal can be sanctioned. So, you must have placed bets before you can withdraw.
What features does my Merrybet old mobile lite app account have?
Merrybet's old app account has the same features as the others barring a few new ones. With your account make deposits, withdrawals, place bets, view bet history, etc.


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