Paddy Power Beat the Drop: How It Works and What You Gain

Have you ever given the correct answers to any channel for the questions they asked to win exciting cash prizes? I hope you did so, and it helps win cash prizes to a few lucky players. Paddy Power is exactly the same, but each person who beats the drop can win some amount through this online gambling game.

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How do you Play Beat the Drop?

Paddy Power beat the drop offers you a chance to win up to £5,000 with a free game entry every day.

This online winning concept is exciting, fun, and super easy if you are a good picker. In this beat the drop paddy Power, it gives you a pot of £5,000, and you can utilize it to answer 15 questions. All these questions are based on different betting competitions such as the Premier League and the World Cup. In addition, they provide you Betting opportunities on pre-play and in-play markets.

The maximum winnings through the paddy Power drop are £5,000.


How does Paddy Power beat the drop work?

Paddy Power beat the drop work according to the following steps:

  • From the offered Betting competitions, select the event or Betting market you want to place bets on;
  • Either you choose to go all the way in or split your pot on that question;
  • Just repeat this process until all the questions are completed;
  • After answering all the questions, the money left in the pot is your winnings.

They give you a pot of £5,000 upfront, and answering the 15 betting questions is done through the pot's money. In the end, the money left in the pot is yours after answering all the questions. A pot is traditionally known as the potential returns from a sportsbook bet. Paddy Power beat the drop offers you this pot to win £5,000.

It is available for both existing and new customers of this online gambling sportsbook. You get a free game opportunity per day to win £5,000.

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Paddy Power Mobile App
Paddy Power Mobile App

Log in or Sign Up to the Paddy Power

You can play Paddy Power beat the drop only when you log in to your Paddy Power account. If you don't have an account at Paddy Power, sign up for a new account by visiting the official website. For creating a new account in Paddy Power, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of Paddy Power;
  • Click on the join now option;
  • Enter the required details of the sign up process;
  • Enter the email address/username and password for your login credentials;
  • Choose your security question and answer carefully to interact with the Customer service team;
  • Choose if you want to connect to Paddy Power;
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and proceed to account registration by clicking on the join now option.

Paddy Power offers a welcome bonus of £10 first bet money back even if you lose.

This welcome bonus is redeemable from this online sportsbook. It is worthy enough to try your luck on Paddy Power beat the drop.

Paddy Power Sign-Up
Paddy Power Sign-Up

Navigate to Beat the drop

Here are the steps to navigate beat the drop after signing in to your Paddy Power account:

  • Click on the find option shown on the home page;
  • Then, under the "More Fun and Games" section, you will see the "beat the drop" option clearly marked free.

It shows various other options on the same page, such as promotions, safer gambling and casino games etc. You will find the beat the drop option in between Poker and fantasy.

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Start a beat the drop game

To start beat the drop game, choose your first question from the different matches or events shown there for betting. You can either choose to go all in or split the pot depending upon your choice. If you are confident, you must go for all in. It is because you have nothing to lose, so you can start a new free game the next day even if you lose.

Beat the drop tips offers you the chance to split the pot whenever you want to do so. You can even change the split or go all in if you want before the Betting market closes.


Navigate through Each Round

Once you answer the first question and win the bet, you must know that there are plenty of rounds before having any return. You have 14 days to complete your game from the date you did your last round. They offer you the freedom to come and select the next round in the next 14 days. If you haven't visited for the next round in the next 14 days, your game will expire.

For each round, the answer you choose has a 50/50 chance in terms of outcome. After that, you can start the split if you want.


Try again when your game ends

As I said, this offer is available the following day even if you lose. Whether you are a new user or an existing one, you can start a new free game the next day. Whenever you lose all the money of your pot, whether it is the first day or after a few rounds, you can start a new game from tomorrow. You will again get a pot of £5,000 to win an excellent cash prize.

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Paddy Power beat the drop strategy

Paddy Power beat the drop strategy depending upon your picks. If you are confident enough about your selection, you should go all-in at the round.

If you are cautious or aren't sure about your picks, you can split the pot to ensure your winnings. Paddy Power tips allow you to go all-in, split the pot and hedge using the sportsbook.


Going All in

You bet your full money of the pot through going all in. This beat the drop strategy allows you to take the pot to the next question with £5,000 if you win. Also, if you answered the question wrong after going all in, you will lose the game. You can start a new game the next day.


Splitting the Pot

You can split the pot, which means playing safe and leaving some money on the other side. The first side is heavier used to bet, and the other is saved for the upcoming rounds. It is preferable to split the pot if you are too cautious about going all in. But remember choosing to split the pot will not give much big payouts. However, a person cannot provide all the correct answers to 15 questions in a 50/50 winning game. So, choosing to go all-in is riskier in the greater rounds.


Hedging using the sportsbook

The questions shown in paddy Power beat the drop are mostly present in the sportsbook. So, if you reach the rounds late and feel the outcome is favourable, you can hedge using the sportsbook. If you are a new user, it is more beneficial as they give a free bet option. 


Beat the drop split amounts

You can split the pot from the start or go all in for the 1,2,3,4, or 5th question and then split the pot.

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50/50 Split from the start


50/50 Split from the start

Questions Pot(£)
1 2500
2 1250
3 625
4 312.50
5 156.25
6 78.13
7 39.06