Login to Your Parimatch Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

Do you need help in navigating the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site, especially, trying to figure out how to log in, accompanied by various other technical issues that may arise from using the site, then this post is just for you, as we will attend to all your questions and hopefully give satisfactory answers. Sit back and relax as we got you covered and you are about to get acquainted with the nitty-gritty details of the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site.

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How to log in?

To login to the Parimatch Online Sports Betting Site, the online user must take the following steps:

  • Visit the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site via its unique URL, either using your android, ios, or pc devices as the case may be;
  • When logged into the home page, the online user will notice on the top right of the screen, a “Login” icon, just beside the “Sign Up” icon;
  • The online user should click on “Log In”;
  • The online user would be directed to the “Log In” where he will be required to input his account username or registered email, and his password.
  • Upon providing that accurately, the online user will be properly logged in to his personal Parimatch Online Sports Betting site account;
Login to Parimatch

Why is it worth undergoing registration on the betting platform?

 The Parimatch Online Sports Betting site has millions of users, and for each user to maximally utilize all the features of the Parimatch online sports betting site, he or she must be registered.

It is upon the online user’s registration that he will be given the liberty to choose his unique and bespoke username and password that will enable his or her subsequent logins to the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site.

The online user’s registration with the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site gives them a unique account that Parimatch Online Sports Betting can properly interface with, that is to say, registration with Parimatch online sports betting site gives the online user a distinct identity.

Furthermore, since Parimatch Online Sports Betting site is a legal betting site, online users upon registration, enter a preset contract with Parimatch Online Sports Betting site, which is carefully spelled out under the terms and conditions page in great detail, and which governs the online user’s legal betting and overall interaction with Parimatch Online Sports Betting site. So if you are not yet registered, you, by all means, need to be registered to get the best out of the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site. It is very easy and indeed worth it.

Parimatch Sign-Up
Parimatch Sign-Up

Login problems and how to solve them

From the feedback and experience of several online users of this legal sports betting platform, Parimatch Online Sports Betting site, we have been able to identify and isolate possible problems or indeed challenges that an online user of Parimatch Online Sports Betting site may get to experience.

Some problems the user is likely to experience are as follows:


Wrong ID Problem

One very common problem common online users face when trying to log in is the problem of using the wrong identity. It is pretty easy for the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site to fish out online users to log in with wrong or false identities. This can deny the online user access and restrict his or her usage of the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site until the falsity or error is rectified. To rectify this problem, kindly ensure that the details you fill in your sign-up form page, tally exactly with the details contained in the identification card, you tend to provide in support. It could either be your international passport, driver’s license, or any other prescribed and acceptable mode of identity verification.

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Incorrect Phone Number

Another problem similar to the first problem of using a wrong or false identity is inputting a wrong, non-existent or non-functional phone number.

First of all, on the sign-up form page, where the field for the phone number appears, kindly fill in your country code correctly. After that, ensure to input your real and functional phone number accurately. Also do ensure that it is a phone number that is connected to a device that you have access to so you can receive the subsequent notifications from the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site’s customer support team, or any other pre-automated notification.


Uncompleted KYC (Know Your Customer)

Sometimes, when the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site tries to conduct a KYC (Know Your Customer) on the online user, such verification may take too long or in very few cases, outrightly come out negative. The solution to this problem most times is to ensure that your details are filled in tally with the verifying ID document being provided, to ensure the age check, phone number check, and identity check all come out positive.


Location Problem

There is a rampant problem that affects online users from certain locations around the globe. The Parimatch Online Sports Betting site is sadly not available or accessible to some online users in some locations. It is available to online users in the United Kingdom, but unavailable in several other locations especially in the west, central, and sub-Saharan African regions, including some European Countries like France also. When a user tries to log in from these locations, they will be directed to a landing page where they will write boldly, “OUR BRAND NEW WEBSITE IS ON THE WAY. JOIN THE WAITING LIST TO KNOW WHEN IT IS LIVE”. Still, on that page, a field for the user to fill in his first name, last name, phone number, and email address is provided, this enables the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site to add those online users to a waiting list. This problem is no fault of the online user, and hence he can online fill in the details in the fields provided and wait for as long as it may take for the site to become accessible in the online user’s location.

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Inability To Use Paypal

Closely linked to the above-mentioned problem of the online user being in a location that cannot access the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site, is the problem of being unable to register using PayPal. This problem like the aforementioned one is also caused by the online user’s location. Not all countries have PayPal dealing in them, especially countries in the Middle East and Africa like Paraguay, Nigeria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iran, Central African Republic, Saint Lucia, Pakistan, Haiti, Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Uzbekistan, Timor-Leste, Syria, South Sudan, North Korea, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Iraq, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Libya Montenegro, Gabon, Bangladesh, Moldova, to mention but a few.

Seeing that usage of the Paypal platform is highly location-sensitive, not all online users can utilize the pay with PayPal option while attempting to log in. This problem is due to no fault of the online user, hence the online user can do nothing to rectify this problem.


Incorrect Password/Username

Also while trying to log in, it is very very rampant for online users of the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site to not remember their usernames or passwords and hence input the wrong or wrongly spelled username and password. In such cases, logging in becomes more complicated, not until and unless the online user rectifies the situation.

To rectify the situation, the online user must click on the forgot password icon directly beneath the login field to a page where he can reset his password. He will be required to type out the username or email that he used to register on the Parimatch Online Sports Betting site.

A notification containing a reset password link will be sent to his email address and then he can reset the password by choosing a new password.

Parimatch Mobile App
Parimatch Mobile App

Customer Support

The Parimatch Online Sports Betting site has a live chat that supports online users that may need to make inquiries or ask questions.

From the experience of some online users, when they login to the live chat, they are placed on a waiting list or virtual queue. Their position on the queue will be visible for them to see and it can sometimes take several minutes before the online user is moved to the top of the virtual queue. You can reach out to the customer care via:

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